16 July – Learn how to have real conversations

MentorSelector is excited about the upcoming PDF July event – “Learn how to have real conversations” with cultural specialist Joy Stewart.

Are you able to control your emotions to your advantage? Learn how to leverage your emotions to achieve your ambitions with Joy Stewart; the principal consultant at Interact Consulting specialising in organisational culture change through effective languaging and dialogue. Learn from Joy how to action self awareness into success.

Joy has 20 years experience across diverse industries including theatre, film, computing, training and education and runs a private psychotherapy practise. She provides a framework which supports participants in her workshops to create a sustainable approach to people focused organisational cultures that deliver result.

Joy will run a workshop in which participants experience the power of self-awareness in action. Using a dialogue model, they will track their emotions and the emotions of others.

Joy will share:

  1. Importance of tracking your own emotions
  2. Importance of tracking other people’s emotions
  3. How you use these to become an ideal team player
  4. Experiential workshop putting these into practice and receive real-time feedback.


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