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About Us

MentorSelector is an online platform that connects mentors with mentees. We operate globally, across every industry imaginable.

The mission of MentorSelector is simple and profound: we want to connect people to enrich lives.

We believe in the power of mentorship. As confirmed by a raft of research studies, mentorship is like fuel to a fire – able to boost careers and create opportunities.

Mentor Selector was founded by prominent project and corporate financier, Isami Morris. During his career, Isami benefitted enormously from mentoring, and wanted to share his passion with others.

Welcome to the wonders of mentorship! Sign up for a mentor program today and harness the power for yourself.

I Want a Mentor!

Maybe you’re chasing a particular promotion or trying to break into a crowded industry. Or, perhaps you need some motivation to achieve a personal goal. Whatever the target, a mentor is the secret ingredient you need.
We collate mentors in every location, every career and every stage of life. Your perfect mentor is waiting. Artists and zoologists, bankers and business owners, reporters and real estate agents, lawyers and life coaches – we’ve got them all. You can learn specific skills, benefit from network connections and gain an expert’s perspective on your goals.

Mentees can search our global database of mentors, by industry, category and/or location, and select a mentor that they are searching for – whether it be career orientated or life related.
When you select and review a mentor’s profile, you’ll see their fees and the number of sessions they offer.
Should you decide to go ahead, all transactions take place via Mentor Selector’s secure online payment gateway.

Want to get started?

Our database has mentors in a huge variety of locations and careers. It’s as easy as matching a mentor to your personality, goals and budget. Find your ideal mentor here.
Once you make your selection, register your details and set up your profile, then make contact via MentorSelector’s messaging, video conferencing or live chat portal, or you may wish to exchange contact details and arrange to call each other or meet face to face. You set the time and the location you wish to meet to fit around your schedule. Mentoring can take place either online or in real life by mutual agreement, so it doesn’t matter where you are located.

Search Mentors now

I Want to Become a Mentor

Everyone is an expert in something. Whether you’re a first year graduate or a captain of an industry, there is someone out there who can benefit from your unique experience and perspective. Maybe you’re a working Mum who has wisdom to offer younger women, a CEO or a personal assistant who runs marathons in your spare time. Whoever you are, we want to connect with you. Mentoring is a great opportunity to sharpen your communication skills, establish yourself as a leader, build your network and help others.

How to get started

Becoming a mentor is easy – and there are absolutely no fees to set yourself up. Simply register your details and complete a profile.
You can charge as much or as little as you wish, or even volunteer your time. MentorSelector is proud to partner the following charities which you can choose to donate part of all of the fee to:

MentorSelector partners with United Way
NSW Kids in Need - MentorSelector -

When a potential mentee gets in touch, you manage the time and the location you wish to meet to fit around your schedule. Easy as pie, right?
All transactions take place via Mentor Selector’s secure online payment gateway. Mentor Selector applies a modest fee which is set out in our Terms and Conditions.
For more information on the benefits of being a mentor – click here.