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About Us

The mission of MentorSelector is simple and profound: We want to connect mentors and mentees to enrich lives.

How it works

MentorSelector is an online platform designed to connect mentors with mentees.

Mentors can complete their profiles in 2 easy steps

  1. Mentors register their details; and
  2. Complete their profile including outlining a price they are willing to charge for 6 or 12 one hour mentoring sessions. Mentors can charge as much or as little as they like or even volunteer your time.

There is no joining fee, application fee nor membership fee. You simply register your details, decide how much you wish to charge for your mentorship and off you go. MentorSelector is also proud to support the following charities which a Mentor can elect to donate part of all of their fee to:



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Mentees can search our global database of mentors, by industry, category and/or location, and select a mentor that they are searching for – whether it be career orientated or life related.

It doesn’t matter where you, your mentor or mentee are located, MentorSelector is designed to facilitate the connection. Find your mentor here.

Once a mentee selects a mentor, the sky is the limit. You can initiate your first contact via MentorSelector’s messaging, video conferencing or live chat portal, or you may wish to exchange contact details and arrange to call each other or meet face to face. You set the time and the location you wish to meet to fit around your schedule.

If you have any questions – try our FAQs page or email us at


The Unique Joys of Mentoring

Anybody can be a mentor – whether you are a first year graduate who can impart some words of wisdom to an ambitious university student looking for their first start, or a captain of industry looking for a protégé to hand over your keys to.

As a mentor, personal satisfaction, improved sense of self-worth and financial compensation aren’t the only benefits you could come away with. For one, you’ll derive the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping someone thrive professionally. Who knows? Maybe your mentee will become a corporate superstar, write a book and dedicate it to you, or bring you loads of business in the future through association.

You’re likely to sharpen your teaching and communication skills and improve your interpersonal relationship skills through mentoring as well. Being recognized as a mentor could re-energize your career, allow you to be recognized as a subject or industry expert amongst your peers or even improve your chances of earning a promotion or make you an even more appealing, well-rounded employee/employer/individual.

When you mentor, you stay active in your profession, learn of the latest developments and trends and experience the industry from a different perspective. At the same time, your network expands. After working with your mentee, you might even see your own workplace from a different point of view, making you a more empathetic colleague or boss. But most importantly it allows you to give back to the industry you love.

For more information on the benefits of being a mentor – click here.

Becoming a Mentee

Are you looking for a mentor? You’ve come to the right spot. Our mentors work in a wide variety of fields from artists to zoologists, bankers to business owners, reporters to real estate agents, lawyers to life coaches. They represent a range of age groups at various stages of life and careers.

As a mentee, you’ll receive rewards that are long-lasting and difficult to obtain otherwise. Your mentor will help you take better control of your life, career or business and in the process improve your interpersonal relationship skills and self-confidence. You can learn specific, actionable lessons gleaned from years of experience and industry insight from people who may have travelled along a similar path as you. Your future will look brighter than ever. Plus, a mentor can unlock a professional network that takes years to flourish and may not have been available to the mentee. These networks are comprised of individuals that could later hire you, be a potential customer, open new business opportunities to you or assist you in other ways.

Soon, you’ll probably find that you really trust your mentor. You can ask your mentor questions that you might not feel comfortable asking your supervisors, friends or family. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with discussing work-related issues with relatives and friends, it’s unlikely that they truly understand the ins and outs of your industry nor provide unbiased, objective advice as well as your mentor will. Your mentor can assess your situation from a fresh, impartial standpoint. Your mentor’s only goal is to see you flourish.

You can review our database’s profiles to find someone with the resume you’re seeking. There is no restriction on how many mentors you can have, and you can always have different mentors for every stage of your career or life journey you are on – thereby exponentially growing your network. It’s time to let a mentor make a world of difference in your life.

Find your mentor here.