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We know you want to know. So, now you know!

Mentors set their own fees – some even choose to volunteer their time! Check out their individual profile pages to see their rates. There are no fees to register as a mentor.

Yes! Mentorship isn’t about your qualifications or IQ. It’s about sharing your knowledge and experience. Do you have a unique perspective and wisdom to share? Then, we want you. Mentors come in all shapes and sizes – from a recent graduate mentoring an ambitious uni student to or a captain of industry looking for a protege to hand the keys to, mentoring is for you.

MentorSelector offers complete flexibility for mentors and mentees to fit mentoring sessions around their schedules. There are no fixed agendas or curriculums. So, cheers to busy people everywhere!

One hour. Mentors can offer packs of six or twelve one-hour sessions.

Nope – that’s the beauty of MentorSelector. We are global community of video conferencing super-mentors. You could find a mentee or mentor who lives next door or across an ocean. MentorSelector offers plenty of ways to connect, wherever you are.

It’s up to you. You can release your contact information to your mentor or mentee when you are comfortable to do so. Until then, you’re the only one who has access to those details.

It’s up to you. You can even have part or all of your fee donated to charity. MentorSelector has a minimum requirement of US$300 and US$450 for 6 and 12 sessions respectively. MentorSelector is proud to support the following charities:


Good question. We’re all about making connections happen – and to do that, we take a 20% commission (minimum $50AUD) from the mentoring fees which allows us to run this site and make it all possible. All prices listed are inclusive of that commission.

Sure do! After each mentoring session, the mentor and mentee need to provide feedback on the session. This is our way of making sure your sessions took place, as well as getting the most out of them for both parties. It’s also a source of ratings which are added to the mentor’s public profile. This helps future mentees determine if the mentor is right for them. MentorSelector reserves its right to moderate any feedback provided.


Looking for the feedback form? For Mentors – click here. For Mentees – click here.

Don’t stress, it can happen. Mentorship is highly personal so if your mentorship relationship isn’t working out, you can walk away and get a pro-rata refund of any mentoring sessions not completed. Just email us at ADMIN@MENTORSELECTOR.COM

Keen to know a little more, or have specific questions on their experience, resume, approach or skill set? No worries! Send us an email at with your questions and we’ll ask the mentor for more details.

Yes. If you refer someone who joins our team of mentors, we’ll offer you $1500AUD (or equivalent currency). This juicy prize is released when the mentor conducts their mentoring sessions. Please refer to our for further details. If you refer a mentor, you need to let us know by sending us an email to

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mentoring program. We encourage creativity and personality to shine in every mentorship relationship – while we support you to make that happen. That’s why we encourage you to start your mentorship relationship with an honest chat about expectations and goals for both parties. Work together to create a tailor-made program which is achievable and measurable. When you begin a mentorship relationship, MentorSelector will send you a small booklet designed to help you structure your sessions. At the end of each mentoring session, we provide both the mentor and mentee forms to provide feedback and thoughts on what to tackle in the next mentorship session.

We’re all for freedom. So no, you’re never locked in. You can elect to opt out of MentorSelector or just suspend your membership at any time.

There are billions, maybe even zillions. Click here to find out all about them.

Yes, absolutely. Learn all about the many benefits of mentorship right here.


In short, the benefits of having a mentor speak for themselves. Millions of successful people have benefited from career advice, accountability and networking which mentors can provide.


Your mentor can help you take better control of your life and career, improve your interpersonal skills and self-confidence. You will earn lessons and unlock new opportunities. You can ask your mentor the tough questions and benefit from having a professional cheerleader behind you, every step of the way. Your mentor’s only goal is to see you flourish.

Here is a clip from prominent business leader and experienced mentor Leo Krikmann discussing the benefits of having a mentor.