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FAQs – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are no fees, charges or costs to register as a mentor or mentee.

Everybody can be a mentor. Mentorship isn’t about having the most qualifications or being able to recite from a textbook. Mentorship is about sharing experience and knowledge – gained from career or life experience.

Everybody’s experience is highly unique and personal which can help guide a mentee. Equally, mentee’s can learn from experience on how to avoid common pitfalls from mentors.

Mentors can be found everywhere – from a first year graduate mentoring an ambitious uni student, or a captain of industry looking for a protege to hand the keys to, to an experienced parent mentoring an expecting mum or dad.

MentorSelector offers complete flexibility for mentors and mentees to fit mentorship sessions around their schedules. There are no fixed agendas and curriculum.

We encourage mentors and mentees to spread the 6 or 12 sessions (sessions being 1 hour each) across the year. Most of us can spare an hour a month.

Each session is an hour long. Mentors price 6 sessions (i.e. 6 x 1 hour sessions) or 12 sessions (i.e. 12 x 1 hour sessions).

No. The beauty of MentorSelector is you can be a mentor or mentee anywhere in the world. Your mentee or mentor can be located in a different country. MentorSelector provides mentors and mentees a portal to communicate with each other – via live chat, videoconferencing or messaging. Ofcourse, mentors and mentees can meet in person if willing and possible.

You can release your contact information to your mentor or mentee only when you are comfortable to do so. In the meantime, you can communicate with your mentor/mentee via live chat, videoconferencing and messaging through the MentorSelector portal without releasing your personal contact details.

You can charge as much or as little as you like. MentorSelector has a minimum requirement of US$300 and US$450 floor for 6 and 12 sessions respectively. You can even have your fee donated directly to charity. MentorSelector will confirm your details prior to transferring payment to you, at which time you can elect to donate some or all of your fee to charity. MentorSelector is proud to support the following charities:


MentorSelector charges a 20% commission (minimum AUD$50) from a Mentor’s mentorship fee. All prices listed by a mentor are inclusive of MentorSelector’s fee.

Yes. After each mentorship program is completed, mentees are invited to provide feedback to mentors. Ratings and comments are left on a mentor’s public profile. This helps future mentees determine if the mentor is right for them. MentorSelector reserves its right to moderate any feedback provided. Feedback used by mentees can also help a mentor reflect and improve on how they mentor.

After each mentoring session, the mentor and mentee are invited to provide feedback on the mentoring session just conducted. This allows both parties to take away any feedback and understand what worked and what could be improved to make the next session more effective. For Mentors – please click here to access the feedback form. For Mentees – please click here to access the feedback form.

We understand mentorship is a highly personal connection for both the mentor and mentee. If it doesn’t work out you can walk away, and a pro-rata refund is awarded to the mentee for mentoring sessions not undertaken.

Yes. Just contact us at with your questions and we can ask the mentor for more details on their experience, resume and/or skill set that you are seeking further elaboration on.

Yes. If you refer a person who registers to become a mentor, we will offer you $1,500 (AUD or equivalent currency). The referral fee is released as and when the mentor conducts mentorship sessions. Please refer to our T&Cs for further details.

If you refer a mentor, please let us know by sending us an email to

There is no one size fits all with regard to mentoring as everybody is different. At the start of the mentorship, we encourage you to sit down with your mentor/mentee and set expectations about the relationship. Develop a program that includes measurable results that can be evaluated as you progress through your mentoring sessions.

When you begin a mentorship relationship, MentorSelector will send you a small booklet designed to help you structure your sessions.

At the end of each mentoring session, we provide both the mentor and mentee a portal to provide feedback and thoughts on what to tackle in the next mentorship session.

No. You can elect to opt out of MentorSelector or just suspend your membership at any time.

If you would like to understand the benefits of being a mentor please click here.

As a mentee, you’ll receive rewards that are long-lasting and difficult to obtain otherwise. Your mentor can help you take better control of your life, career or business and in the process improve your interpersonal relationship skills and self-confidence. You can learn lessons gleaned from years of experience and industry or personal insight from people who may have travelled along a similar path as you. A mentor can unlock a professional or personal network that takes years to flourish and may not have been available to the mentee. These networks are comprised of individuals that could later hire you, be a potential customer, open new business opportunities to you or assist you in other ways.

You can ask your mentor questions that you might not feel comfortable asking your supervisors, friends or family. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with discussing work-related issues with relatives and friends, it’s unlikely that they truly understand the ins and outs of your industry nor provide unbiased, objective advice as well as your mentor will. Your mentor can assess your situation from a fresh, impartial standpoint. Your mentor’s only goal is to see you flourish.

Here is a clip from Leo Krikmann (a mentor and mentee) discussing the benefits of having a mentor: