Are you overthinking things?

By Stewart McCully.

Stewart McCully is a physical education trained teacher who has spent the majority of his teaching years in the area of behaviour management and personal leadership delivery. A former Glenelg League footballer and SANFL State squad member, Stewart’s dedication, resilience and desire to achieve is reflected in the clientele who have benefitted from participating in his programs. Stewart’s clients include Professional Olympians, Athletes and Corporate Leaders.


Number 1 topic – What ifs?

It’s the number 1 topic that I discuss with people.

My clients range from Mums & Dads, CEO’s, coaches, office workers, students through to Olympic athletes & when I mention the notion of overthinking, their heads begin to nod. “Yes, that’s me”, they say, without hesitation.

Naturally, a lot of us tend to waste so much energy worrying about the “what if’s”. The conversations I tend to have around this topic generally morph into how much negative self talk there is.

We all have habits & drifting naturally towards thinking about the negatives is something that occurs subconsciously.


Role of a Mentor

My role as a mentor is to help identify what language they are using in their own self talk, what they are thinking or even taking on board what others around them are saying. Together we work out what information is currently consuming them and a suitable plan to re adjust what thoughts are either helping or hindering them in.

We are all living our own separate lives & surrounded by various people & environments that all affect us in different ways.


You owe it to yourself

All people owe it to themselves to be happy but grateful for the position that they find they’re in.

Our feelings & attitudes are the product of what we think & believe.

Imagine if you could learn to filter out the negative thinking (wherever it’s coming from) & replace it with thoughts and language that is more productive to our everyday activities.

It’s time to grab the rudder and steer yourself in a new direction.


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