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Benefits of having a mentor

Benefits of Having A Mentor - MentorSelector -

We have a little game for you. Think of a list of successful people. Go on, have a think. Who are your inspirations?

Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg, Usain Bolt, Jeff Bezos, your boss, Angela Merkel ….

Guess what? We guarantee that whoever is on your list, had a mentor. Ta-da!

Whether they learnt from an official mentor, a supportive colleague or a loving family member – almost all successful people attribute their success to mentorship.

A survey of Fortune 500 companies found that CEOs attribute mentorship as one of the top factors affecting career growth. That’s because whether you’re the founder of a start-up, a working Mum or at the height of your career, mentorship has many benefits. Boosting your pay-grade, reaching your goals or diversifying your career are just the start. Still need convincing?

Ten Unbeatable Reasons You Need a Mentor

1. Networking

Finding a great mentor is like discovering the key to a whole new world. A world full of important industry connections, insider’s opportunities and like-minded people. Never underestimate the power of networking. A mentor acts like your VIP ticket into the coolest party in town.

2. Career Progression

Mentors can act as career advisors and opportunity hunters – getting you to the next wrung of the ladder with ease. Gain expert advice and connections with a mentor by your side and say, ‘Hello promotion!’.

3. Feedback

A life without feedback is a life without change. A mentor is in the unique position to give you constructive feedback, designed to help you. A mentor is like your GPS to success.

4. Accountability

Reaching goals is hard enough. Reaching them without accountability is almost impossible. Trust us, having someone nag (we mean, encourage!) you is the best way to kick those goals.

5. Problem Solving

Imagine having a genie in a bottle, or a Fairy God Mother. Add industry expertise and a wealth of knowledge and you have yourself a mentor. Problems become solutions with the magic of mentorship on your side.

6. Perspective

Two heads are better than one – especially when one of those heads is an industry leader and renowned professional! A mentor brings valuable and unbiased perspective and can help you make wise decisions for yourself and your career.

7. Personal Development

Want to run a marathon or learn a second language? We have mentors that can help! Whether you need motivation for study or advice for pursuing new opportunities, a mentor is the perfect candidate to help you on your way.

8. Celebrate!

Shared success is double success! Your mentor is your biggest cheerleader – next time you have a win, fill two glasses of champagne.

9. Focus

It’s all too easy to get distracted these days so having someone to help you stay on track and focus your attention on the important things will help you maintain your personal growth and smash your professional targets.

10. Pass it On

Becoming a mentor is a highly rewarding and exciting opportunity. Being mentored is the best way to become a mentor. Learn from others in the know-how and add mentoring to your resume. Leaders are created here!

We’re pretty sure you’re convinced mentorship is for you – because mentorship is for everyone.

You can’t waste another minute so find your mentor today – please click here. We are always looking for more mentors to join our family – its a great initiative that is mutually rewarding for both mentor and mentee. Register now to become a mentee.