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In order to be completely successful in any field, aspiring leaders are going to need guidance and role models. Mentoring is quite vital in a lot of different fields, some of which includes, education, healthcare, business management, fitness programs, music, etc. At some point in your career, you might have acted as a mentor or considered being a mentor to someone, but dismissed the idea on the long run, thinking it will only be a waste of time and energy; or you might already be a mentor having the same kind of thoughts. Either way, it is time you have a rethink and figure out what mentoring is really about and the advantages that can be derived from being a mentor. Being a mentor is actually very important, much more than you think. But first,



Being a mentor provides you with the extraordinary ability and opportunity to smoothen and accelerate a mentee’s professional and personal growth by sharing your knowledge and the experiences you have garnered over the years with them. Yes, it is true that the primary role of a mentor is to challenge the mentee to see perspectives in new and different ways, but the truth is, the protégé isn’t the only one who benefits from mentoring. As a mentor, there are a lot of ways in which you can also benefit from mentoring; some of these ways are discussed below;


Learn New Things

There’s a high chance that the person you are mentoring might be knowledgeable about new developments in an industry, more in touch the mindset of a younger demographic or market. In fact the rise of reverse mentoring has become very common within large organizations, allowing industry veterans to be refreshed with a new perspective of people joining their industry. By mentoring and guiding, you add to your experience inventory.


Develop Management and Leadership Skills

Becoming a mentor will provide you with the ability to help, guide, and oversee others. You will be able to discover your management capabilities by managing your protégé while tapping into your leadership skills just by advising a mentee.


There are a lot of other benefits that can be derived from being a mentor including;


  • Giving back to your field or industry

    You also get the chance to give back to your industry and allow it to develop with the quality of the people you mentor.


  • You’ll have that rewarding notion of giving back to others

    Which will in turn boost your confidence and your morale while improving your quality of life.


  • Mentoring will allow you to remain in your field

    Mentoring allows you to remain active in your occupation or professional field. Even if you have retired, you may still want to keep involved in your industry or professional field. By mentoring you continue to be active in your field, keep up to speed with industry developments whilst being mentally stimulated. Research shows active mental stimulation in retirees has been found to reduce the onset of dementia.


  • Being a mentor is great for your resume

    You will potentially be recognized as a subject matter or field expert and the more people you mentor, the more people are in your network.


  • You’ll also be able to grow your network

    There’s no doubt that you already have a list full of contacts, but having a mentee will provide you with a contact that you are not just going to normally deal with professionally. There’s also the chance that your mentee might know someone you’ve been trying to do business with for long but you never could. Both of you can introduce each other to different contacts, thereby increasing your network.


  • You’ll have the ability of a great listener

    Mentoring means being a problem solver and with problem solving comes the ability to pay proper attention and listen. This way, you’ll be able to denote flaws, fresh perspectives, risks and a whole lot of other factors.


  • Improving your emotional intelligence

    Being a mentor means you are going to be a confidante to your mentee. Being able to communicate with someone at a personal level on a subject is bound to improve your emotional intelligence.


  • Your career will also be re-energized

    Mentoring will give you a great sense of purpose and confidence. By being recognized as a mentor, your career may be given a boost by your peers as a subject matter expert and someone who can be trusted. Who knows, maybe your mentee will be a customer, future boss or open additional networks or markets to you.


  • Creating a legacy

    Imparting your knowledge to your mentee is like storing your knowledge in the right knowledge bank as your mentee will one day become a mentor and impart that same knowledge to someone else. Before long, it will become a cycle and your legacy will live on.


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