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How to provide feedback to your mentee - MentorSelector -

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How to provide feedback to your mentor

As a mentee – its very helpful to provide mentors with some feedback to provide them with guidance on how the sessions are going, and to point them in the right direction so that you both can extract the most out of your mentoring session.

It is important to remember that your mentor is kindly dedicating their time to help you – so it is important to frame your feedback in an appreciative manner.

We often recommend providing feedback using the “feedback sandwich”:

  • Outline what your thought were strengths and good aspects of your mentoring session.
  • Provide constructive feedback on your mentoring session.
  • Conclude on a positive note – acknowledging the help that your mentor has provided you to date and the great journey you both will take together in the upcoming mentoring sessions.

Before you start

Before you start, think through some of the key things you want to tackle in your mentoring session and how your mentor might be able to help. Reflect on how your last mentoring session went, and how you would like to tailor the next session so that you achieve the outcome you are seeking.

It is important to be clear in how you express this so that your mentor understands. The more clear your ideas are before you start writing your feedback, the more coherent and useful your feedback will be, so get your thoughts in order first.

Identify key areas of success

Try to define your mentor’s greatest strengths and areas and ways they helped you the most. Think of the good aspects of the mentoring session you would like to see more of.

Think of ways your mentor communicated with you that was the most effective so that your mentor knows to do this in future mentoring sessions.

Here are some questions to help you think about this:

  • What are things do they do that are positive and should continue?
  • What do you appreciate about the mentorship style of your mentor?
  • What is your favorite thing about your mentor?
  • How has he or she helped you improve or grow in your role?


Explain why you’d like to see certain changes.

Talk about why these things are important to you, or why making these changes would add value to the mentorship relationship.  This way even if your mentor doesn’t take your suggestion, hopefully they can do something else that would still address your why.


Be solution-minded.

If you want to see changes actually implemented, it is helpful to suggest what the solutions are rather than just the problems (since your manager can’t read your mind!).


Remain constructive and professional in your feedback.

It is important to conduct yourself professionally while still remaining honest. You don’t want to hurt their feelings; instead, your feedback should drive them to make positive changes.

Try to be constructive over just being negative.


Be a forward thinker.

Your mentor cannot change the past any more than you can, so gear your feedback towards what can and should be improved moving forward, rather than looking back as past bad experiences. Suggest what you’d like to see next time or new goals that you’d like to strive towards.

End on a positive note if you can.

Make it clear that you appreciate their assistance and their time devoted to mentoring you and recognize its challenges. In the long run, if your mentor is better at mentoring, you’ll get more out of it!

Next Steps:

Feedback is great – but it is important to make sure you recap on the action plan agreed with your mentor.

The feedback form has a specific section for this. We recommend you outline:

  • An action plan;
  • List out the achievable tasks set for you;
  • And outline any action plans for your mentor (if any). E.g. Is there any research they need to do or any questions to take away? Outlining this will help remind them for the next mentoring session.

Now that you have a good grasp of how to provide feedback – let’s put it in action! Below is the link to the feedback form!

Click here to provide your mentor with feedback