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Elisha Eddie

Warri, Delta, Nigeria

Teacher Trainer
Discovery Learning Alliance
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Carolyn Therriault

Carbondale, Illinois, United States (US)

Marketing & Graphics Director [ and Owner/President of AWP ENT INC]
Classic Garden Ornaments, Ltd. • LONGSHADOW Planters [AWP ENT INC]
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Rebekah Wise

Tampa, Florida, United States (US)

Business Owner
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Tylar McNeill

Fairburn, Georgia, United States (US)

Certified Life Coach
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Kasturi Kundu

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Data Scientist | Analytics Professional
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Tahir Tariq

slough, West Berkshire, United Kingdom (UK)

Qualified Interpreter & Life Coach
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Bulelwa Rulashe

Joburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Senior Facilitator | Public Speaker
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Prof. Remy Khalil

LEICESTERSHIRE, Leicestershire, United Kingdom (UK)

Professor of Engineering and Autonomous Systems
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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  • Brendan Parker

    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    As an accomplished Chartered Accountant with 10+ years’ experience, I have a track record for delivering high quality financial management, accountancy, tax planning and strategic advisory services to small family business/SME clients.
    After gaining a breadth of experience within established public practice firms, and working for several years as an in-house Management Accountant, I now work with small business clients throughout the Bendigo region, to facilitate business improvement. Services include:
    ♦ Business Strategy
    ♦ Tax Planning & Optimised Tax Structures
    ♦ Accounting systems and process
    ♦ Financial Reporting & Governance
    ♦ Commercial Analysis; modelling and forecasting
    ♦ Budgeting & Cost Control
    ♦ Superannuation & Retirement Planning (including Self-Managed Super Funds – SMSFs)
    ♦ Succession Planning

    If your small business needs expert advice and support to:
    ♦ Reduce tax liability
    ♦ Improve cost efficiency
    ♦ Grow revenue
    ♦ Develop accounting systems, processes, reporting and governance

    Then please contact me.

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  • Georgina Raffle

    Calverton, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (UK)

    Having my own Personal Careers Advice & Guidance Service has given me extensive knowledge in how to help people with their career planning, to include any necessary education, and helping people to create their own action plans to help them achieve.  I have done this for 7 years, which I believe is a lot of experience and makes me fully capable and prepared to help others in finding and achieving their own success.

    However, all of my work over the last 16 years has incorporated working with people in a holistic way.  Meaning that I look at the whole person and all participating factors, rather than just the perceived factor/issue.

    Life is about more than just a job, hobby or a qualification.  Therefore looking at everything people have to deal with in their lives, gives them a better chance of making their own success stories.

    I have worked with a wide range of individuals, not only in age range ( children, young people, adults and grandparents) to people from more affluent areas, to those from more deprived areas and backgrounds.  Making it very easy for me to adapt to different people and the areas of work needed to provide them with an excellent service.

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  • Mark Bonta

    Queretaro, Queretaro de Arteaga, Mexico

    Experienced Researcher, Educator, Conservationist, and Community Development Practitioner with 23 years in the higher education field. Skilled in Sustainable Development, Technology Needs Analysis, Program Evaluation, Biodiversity Conservation, Writing, and Public Speaking. Strong research professional with a PhD in Geography from Louisiana State University, over 30 publications, and 850 citations.

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  • Elisha Eddie

    Warri, Delta, Nigeria

    Don Elisha Eddie is a teacher trainer with over 20 years hands-on experience.

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  • Carolyn Therriault

    Carbondale, Illinois, United States (US)

    My continuous passion to help individuals and companies increase sales and profits drives me to become more knowledgeable about the needs of their market and customer base.  Which in turn fuels the changes that increase the customer base and increases sales.

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  • Rebekah Wise

    Tampa, Florida, United States (US)

    As a business owner and Ladies Meetup organizer, I’m interested in helping women succeed with strategic life tools!

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  • Tylar McNeill

    Fairburn, Georgia, United States (US)

    If you feel like your high school education or even college didn’t equip you with “real world” knowledge for you to be successful then you’re not alone! Most of my knowledge was gained outside the classroom setting after I was already in a situation that required the knowledge to make the best decision. A lot of young adults learn things the hard way in life, not because they make the wrong decisions but because they’re not aware of the other/better options they have on the table. I’m just here to be a positive example and role model to young people and provide them with the knowledge I was able to gain through my life experiences. I hope to connect and develop a positive relationship with any potential mentee that is willing to entrust me with the responsibility of directing them down the right path. I look forward to not only helping and teaching but also learning from my future mentee as well!

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  • Raj Singh

    Greenvale, Victoria, Australia

    A dynamic, experienced transport industry expert

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  • Kasturi Kundu

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Want to explore the field of data science and understand how it can be used to drive business strategy in your organization? I am looking forward to sharing my experience and discussing your interests.

    Potential topics we could explore:

    1. Analyzing historical trends/data and summarizing effects of various strategies
    2. Forecasting relevant KPIs
    3. Setting up statistically significant tests in order to learn what works for your business
    4. Shaping the e-commerce digital strategy
    5. Setting up a data-driven feedback loop for your organization

    Our goal for you would be to:

    1. Become the SME on how data can be used to achieve company targets
    2. Grow as a strategic leader in your organization

    All the best!



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  • Paul Taylor

    Essex, Essex, United Kingdom (UK)

    Hello my name is a Paul Taylor and over the past 30 years I have worked in a number of different areas (such as change management, operational management, and career development) across many industries (such as financial services, oil/gas, freelancing, charity and professional bodies).

    I love being a mentor and helping people to fulfill their potential.  I have mentored several people over the past four years (covering areas such as CV writing, going freelance, start-ups, change management, knowing when to leave a job plus many many other areas).

    Therefore I will be able to use my years of experience to overcome the challenges, issues, obstacles, etc that you are encountering.

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  • Tahir Tariq

    slough, West Berkshire, United Kingdom (UK)
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  • Bulelwa Rulashe

    Joburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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  • Mark Smolonogov, M.HRM&IR, M.Sc.CoachPsych, M.Com, Dip.Fit, Dip.RM, Ironman

    Illawong, New South Wales, Australia


    Do you want a mentor who is confident and knows what success looks like?

    Do you want a mentor who is adaptable and flexible to individual needs?

    Do you want a mentor who can help overcome obstacles and achieve peak performance sustainably?

    Then I am your choice. I mentor youth, students, athletes, business professionals and have a track record of success with all who are willing to open themselves to realising their potential. I am here to hep you grow and flourish!

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  • Sara Murray

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia

    With over 10 years communications experience across a wealth of industries and locations, Sara really has seen it all. Having worked on remote mine sites, in aviation, government, not-for-profits and as a consultant, her experience has led her to work on some incredible projects that are truly diverse in nature. Having worked in-depth on strategy development, PR, crisis communications, social media, major change management, internal communications, large-scale event management and writing for just about every channel imaginable – Sara has the experience to advise on all areas of communications.

    A core part of her role has always been stakeholder management and influencing those she is working with – Sara believes building and maintaining relationships is key to any role or position, not just communications. Working on this skill set and learning how to understand and engage with people can see you go from simply doing well in what you do, to really excelling. Really being thrown in the deep end can be a challenge and bring great rewards – this is something Sara has done successfully, time and again throughout her career. It’s not for everyone but there are some key learnings that can be applied which help improve this process.

    A quick snapshot of some of her career includes working for Air New Zealand and seeing them win and maintain corporate reputation in not only New Zealand, but also Australia; supporting a variety of clients for one of Perth’s leading consultancies, Clarity; experiencing the highs (and some lows) of FIFO life with FMG, working on a mine site in remote Western Australia, while building their internal communications strategy; and, supporting a major corporate acquisition of HWE Mining by BHP Billiton.

    While it’s important to have some degree of relatability to another person’s career or role as their mentor, I believe it’s more important to have a good connection and rapport. For this reason I’m open to mentoring anyone regardless of experience, background, skill set or industry you work in.

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  • Karen Huller

    King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States (US)

    My methods rely heavily on science. I love to introduce concepts that are bleeding edge and perhaps unconventional, but are backed by data and studies. My mentees will walk away with reassurance that little changes can make tremendous impacts, and will be able to decide for themselves which little changes to make.

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  • Prof. Remy Khalil

    LEICESTERSHIRE, Leicestershire, United Kingdom (UK)

    Professor R. Khalil – BEng, MBA, PhD, MIET MBB, CPM, MSCE, CENG, FPOMS, FRSA, MAUUP, CENG
    Executive Director – Homeodynamic Autonomy Limited
    E-Mentor – Prince Trust
    Honorary Professor of Engineering and Autonomous Systems – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Deputy Vice President of Research – Europe Division

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