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Duygu Ozgen Gokduman Pilatin

Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom (UK)

EGE Engineering Services Ltd
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Lee Hall

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (UK)

Graphic Designer
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Tim McGraw

Emeryville, California, United States (US)

Solutions Engineer - AI
Loom Systems
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Shelly Horton

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Journalist and Founder
ShellShocked Media
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ella wylynko

perth, Western Australia, Australia

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  • Isami Morris

    Longueville, New South Wales, Australia

    Experienced project financier, corporate financier and investment professional with over 15 years experience gathered across a spectrum of banking, advisory, accountancy, work out and law, spanning a range of industries from social infrastructure to telecommunications, and a diversity of deal types from PE related M&A and LBOs to Project Finance across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

    Qualifications as a Chartered Accountant combined with years of experience as an auditor, operational risk manager, consultant and para-legal have provided an ability to assess the nuts and bolts of a company, project or transaction. Having experience in workout – both as a financier and advisor, has been beneficial in advising and structuring of new deals.

    I can help Mentees looking at getting a start in Project Finance.

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  • Duygu Ozgen Gokduman Pilatin

    Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom (UK)

    Duygu is a challenge driven professional with 20 years’ aerospace sector experience in business development, R&D, project management, procurement, supply chain management and corporate communications areas, including nine years in management positions.

    She has strong strategic management capabilities with highly developed communication skills.

    She has extensive experience in R&D project management and coordination in multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

    Having extensive experience in supply chain management and cost reduction initiatives, full understanding of what internal and external customer wants/requires, she managed a 150M USD budget with suppliers all over the world and supported very a demanding production line as the Procurement Manager.

    She has outstanding leadership skills with highly developed coaching, mentoring, and team development capabilities.

    She is a successful entrepreneur; relocated to UK and established her own engineering services company in 2017.  She is now providing engineering services to UK Aerospace companies.

    She is hands-on, approachable and flexible with a strong focus on internal/external customer satisfaction.

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  • Dina Aziz

    Cairo, Egypt

    I was introduced to C++ programming nearly 10 years ago. Since then, and till this very moment, I have been totally interested in it. I have been exposed to big-sized C and C++ projects in different areas of engineering, including machine learning, robotic control and digital signal processing. Such thing helped me develop a solid understanding of programming concepts, and enforced my ability of using different kinds of algorithms and data structures efficiently.
    I am used to developing applications from scratch, the thing I believe to be an important point when it comes to mentoring, for I would be able to help you to comfortably utilize the basic building blocks of  a programming language to accomplish nearly any goal you want.

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  • Ann-Marie Chamberlain

    Coromandel East, South Australia, Australia

    With 35 years of experience in financial services at Executive level leading State & National teams I have a wealth of experience that I can share with potential mentees.  I am highly sought after as a mentor & coach, and as an IEC (Institute of Executive Coaching) accredited coach, I offer myself as a mentor with the added opportunity to bring coaching into our sessions.  I have been fortunate enough to have some wonderful mentors and I see this as an opportunity to assist others to achieve their personal aspirations and dreams.  I am more than happy to provide you with contact details of previous mentees who will share their experience with you.

    If you are looking for a mentor to help you navigate your way through your career as an individual contributor or as a leader I have the experience & knowledge to assist you.


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  • Lee Hall

    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (UK)
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  • Tim McGraw

    Emeryville, California, United States (US)

    My background is in IT, startups, artificial intelligence, higher education, college admissions, and financial aid. I’ve started businesses, grown them, and seen a few fail. I respect people who think for themselves, and say what they believe. When I was younger, I wished for someone who could help me ask better questions. If my experience and counsel can be helpful to you, then let’s start a conversation.


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  • Jeff Moss

    Cottonwood Heights, Utah, United States (US)

    I can guide you to understanding fundamental programming concepts using real-world examples and work stories. I can show you the “golden path”, the most efficient way to get anything done. This is the sort of thing you won’t read in any book or how-to guide.

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  • Ky Chow

    Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Leo Krikmann

    Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, Australia

    I am a mentor and coach to business people ranging from business leaders, business owners and staff. My focus is on helping you understand where you have natural talent and how best to use your strengths to be most productive and enjoy your work.

    My experience in sales and sales management can help you become more successful in attracting, growing and keeping customers in whatever business you operate in.

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  • Shelly Horton

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Hi, I’m Shelly Horton.  I’m a journalist and in the past 25 years I’ve worked in all aspects of the media including TV, radio, print and online.

    I love being a mentor.  I have been a mentor to many over the past five years.

    I can help guide your career, coach you on how ask for a pay rise or tell you when it’s time to leave a dead-end job.

    I will happily praise your accomplishments but, be warned, I also provide tough love and constructive feedback.

    I will share the career tips I’ve picked up along the way and keep my ear to the ground for new opportunities that might suit you.

    Basically, I will be your biggest cheerleader.


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  • Rick Merten

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Shivanand Kaurav

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

    I can guide new innovators, research students and general public regarding patents. I can also guide R&D scientist about various approaches to proceed their research which can result in valuable innovation. I can also share knowledge about the databases and search tools in patent and literature search.

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  • Braden Mellon

    Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

    My passion is in serving people. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone achieve what they are after and get life on their terms. It is this passion that drives me to continue to learn new ways to make changes and get the results that we want.

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  • ella wylynko

    perth, Western Australia, Australia


    I have some mentorship and tutoring for High School students to offer! I am enthusiastic, motivated, social and energetic!

    HOT TOP TIPS and more (for those living on a student budget i’m very affordable!)

    Can cover: music, sport, academics, time management, arts, subject selection, workloads, school drama etc!

    • how to be the most efficient and productive
    • how to remain relatively stress free
    • How to balance and do everything
    • How to take the most of every opportunity
    • How to stay motivated
    • subjects: biology, psychology, textiles, philosophy and literature
    • Help motivate, inspire and encourage!
    • Most importantly guiding you to problem solve and think critically about your own life and how to make it work best for you!

    From someone who had a social life, slept and survived (and arguably thrived) in High School!

    Was awarded:

    – Caltex Best All Rounder

    – Academic Excellence x 2

    – Finalist for WA Youth of the year

    – Run a small organisation 2016 –

    – A part of many committees

    – Did 300+ hours of volunteering in 3 years

    – Lions award winner

    – Still went to parties/ held events/ hung out at the beach

    – Creativity and Innovation award

    I am available at very flexible times and hours! Whether you live in outside or inside Australia means whether or not it has to be online (/ over the phone) or in person!

    xx Ella

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  • Vicki Howell

    Nashville, Tennessee, United States (US)

    Leadership, Change, Team Engagement, Next Steps, are all areas that I love to coach.  I love these areas because they represent seasons and environments that have been significant in my own life.  Let’s take your journey to the next level as we work to walk through any or all of these areas.  My background has been in working to help develop and design new projects in different cities and around the world.  I have worked with both for-profits and non-profits and find the value of healthy employees, leadership and teams.

    I am certified in DISC, People Mapping and Work Place Appreciation. I believe you are taking the first step now by looking for a mentor, which means you are seeking to move forward in some area.  With questions, tools and accountability possibilities can be amazing if you are ready to engage the process.  I love working with teams and individuals and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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  • Antonio Fonduca

    Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

    Venture Diplomat

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