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So this is going to be your year – fantastic! But let’s be honest for just a second: most resolutions fail. In fact, 80% do.

So let’s talk about the single thing you can do to make this one stick…


To turn New Years resolutions into your career revolution, you need a mentor.

Why? Well, in a 1,000 employee study by Gartner:

• 25% of employees who enrolled in a mentoring program had a salary increase, compared to only 5% who didn’t
• Mentees were promoted 5X more often than those not in a mentoring program

Mentoring works. So how do you find the right mentor?
MentorSelector connects mentors with mentees (that’s you!) to enrich lives – whether it be career or private life. There are no fees to access our global database of mentors – simply click here.

Each mentor shows their experience and mentoring rates.


It doesn’t matter where you or your mentor are located, because we offer video conferencing and live chat.
So, what are you waiting for? Start achieving those New Year’s resolutions and sign up for FREE now.


Once you select a mentor, you can initiate your first contact via MentorSelector’s messaging, video or chat portal, and discuss your needs. Or of course exchange contact details and arrange to call each other or meet face to face.

Then you start your mentoring journey and reap the rewards.

Start the year with a bold decision – and get rewarded

Sign up now and select a mentor, you will receive 10% off any package. This offer is valid only until the 28th of February 2019 so find your mentor now and get started.

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