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Getting Started For Mentors

Getting Started Image

Welcome to MentorSelector where we transform careers and change lives by bringing people together – online or in real life, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to join us as a Mentor, you’ve made a great decision – Mentors get so much out of mentoring. Here are the steps to get started and top tips to make sure your profile stands out.

Can you really be a Mentor?

Yes. It isn’t your education or qualifications which make you a great mentor, it’s your personality, experiences and attitude. Learn more about being a mentor here.

The good thing about MentorSelector is it gives you the option of mentoring face-to-face, or online using our remote mentoring tools.

Most of us can spare an hour a month to mentor, and the great thing is, you can schedule your mentoring sessions around your busy schedule.


How to sign up as a Mentor

Sign up is free, easy and will only take 10 minutes.

Simply fill in some details, select your skill set, industry, choose a photo and select a price you feel comfortable charging and voila – you are done!

Here is a small video of how to sign up:

Click here to begin. You can save your progress and/or edit it all later.


Creating a great mentor account

Mentors who often get selected most often are those who put effort into their profile – by providing details about their experience, education and other attributes.

Try to clearly identify how you can help mentees. Make your language open, approachable and honest to make potential mentees feel comfortable with you.

A good photo also helps – it’s a way to help express yourself and help a mentee identify you and develop the right impression of you.


How will mentors sign up for your mentoring sessions

Mentees will search our database of Mentors, select one they like and choose a package of either six or twelve x 1-hour sessions. MentorSelector will hold the session fees upfront and release them to you as and when you hold your mentoring sessions. This way we ensure sessions are delivered as promised.

When a Mentee selects you, we’ll send you both a little booklet to help get the relationship started. We will also set up a dedicated chatroom and email messaging system where you and your mentee can communicate with each other. You’ll use these tools to arrange your first session, either via our online portal, or exchange details and meet in person.


Feedback process

At the end of each mentoring session, we provide an online form for you and your mentee to provide feedback to each other. It’s important to use the form because it triggers us to process your payment.

Providing feedback is a great way to recap what you covered in the session, and reiterate next steps. If you feel that your sessions aren’t quite achieving what you or your mentee hoped for, the feedback form is a great way to share your concerns. We provide feedback tips here.

So there we have it – it’s easy, so join us today! And don’t forget to watch the videos on this page to get more tips and information about Mentoring.