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How to Provide Feedback to Your Mentor


Just like plants need fertiliser (healthy but sometimes a little smelly), we need feedback! Feedback is an essential part of life. Without feedback, we would never grow or change.

As a mentee, it’s your job to make sure your mentor knows what’s working and what’s not. This can feel uncomfortable but it is a great skill to learn. And you can be absolutely certain your mentor will welcome it.

Remember that the clearer you are, the better your mentor can respond. Make sure to get your thoughts in order before sending feedback. Keep it calm and coherent, always. It is important to conduct yourself professionally while still remaining honest.

It’s Action Time!

There’s no point in giving feedback if nothing changes. We provide a feedback form with a specific section for creating an action plan. Be solution minded and ready to suggest practical ways your mentor can implement your feedback. Your action plan should include a list of achievable changes.

Two top tips for providing feedback to your mentor

Make a sandwich…

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? That’s why we’ve designed a ‘feedback sandwich’, to help you give feedback to your mentor in the most helpful way. Here’s how it goes:

1. Outline what your mentor does well. What are the best parts of your relationship or mentoring sessions? What do you appreciate about the mentorship style of your mentor? What is your favourite thing about your mentor? How has he or she helped you improve or grow in your role?

2. Provide constructive and specific feedback. Explain what you would like to change and why.

3. Finish off on a positive note – acknowledging the efforts of your mentor.

Just like a great sandwich, this feedback is sure to go down well.

Use the the three P’s

Patience: Good things take time so be patient with your mentor and be willing to compromise.

Perspective: There’s two sides to every story. Whether you’re making observations, recommendations or giving feedback, remember that your mentor has their own valid perspective.

Positive: Feedback should always be constructive, never destructive. Remember the feedback sandwich. Seek to implement positive changes, not just bring a whole truck load of complaints!

Now that you have a good grasp of how to provide feedback – let’s get to it! Here is the link to the feedback form!

You can find our mentee feedback form here –