MentorSelector is excited about the upcoming PDF May event – “Humility and Grit” with Rafic Habib. Rafic Habib, CEO of Clinic to Cloud, shares his experience on the power of humility and grit to your career.

Rafic’s lesson on humility and grit draws from his humble beginnings as a lebanese immigrant into the CEO of a successful medical start-up. His remarkable story demonstrates a journey of entrepreneurship that overcame the odds of social, language and cultural barriers. Rafic will show you how you may harness your humility and grit to decide the success of your own passions.

As CEO, Rafic’s passion is in leading Clinic to Cloud to innovate and optimise the best technological application for medical practices. Clinic to Cloud’s ambition is to develop efficiencies through technology in the private medical practice helping save time, money and tax for doctors and patients. This ambition continues through Rafic’s commitment and humility. In May, Rafic will teach you how you may project your humility and grit to focus on your passions.

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