Mentor Mondays

Mentor Mondays is a great initiative by Virgin. It is a short clip released weekly that outlines the learnings of successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson.

In the clip below, Sir Richard Branson outlines how he got started including creating Virgin Airlines. It was interesting to note that Sir Richard Branson’s growth in the airline business was attributable to his mentor Sir Freddie Laker.

Sir Frederick Alfred Laker (6 August 1922 – 9 February 2006) was an English airline entrepreneur, best known for founding Laker Airways in 1966, which went bankrupt in 1982. Known as “Freddie Laker”, he was one of the first airline owners to adopt the “no-frills” airline business model that has since proven to be very successful worldwide with companies such as TigerAir, and AirAsia.

Whilst ultimately unsuccessful in the airline business, Freddie Laker was invaluable as a mentor to Sir Richard Branson. Sir Freddie was able to share his immense experience and learnings with Branson – a lot of which was learnt the hard way through failure.

Most successful people have had a few failures on the way to success. A good mentor not only shares how to be successful with their mentee, but also the failures with their mentee – so that the mentee can take the failures and learn from them.

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