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Abid Zaman

Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK)

Over 15 years in Private security, ranging from Retail, Corporate to Leisure. Moved onto Civil Enforcement during the last 2 years.

Dealing with members of the Public in difficult and extreme circumstances and ALWAYS achieving the objective of the subject at hand.

Excellent Customer services skills which I apply to various roles whether as an enforcer or as an advisor.

I’m here to help whether the skills your looking for are on the Mentor Skills list or not,  even if your query sounds trivial give us a shout.

I’m only a click away

6 Sessions POC
12 Sessions POC

Health, Wellness & Fitness
Learning & People Development
Public Safety
Risk Management
Security and Investigations
Startup Businesses

Languages: English (Fluent), Urdu (Fluent), Hindko (Fluent), Arabic(Elementary level)

BIIAB Level 2 National Certificate for Door Supervisors License 102501501 City & Guilds BIIAB Level 2- UNIT 2 Conflict Management License A/102/3268 City & Guilds BIIAB Level 2 Licensed Hospitality License T/102/3267 City & Guilds Behaviour Based Safety- Health & Safety Compliance License 61-464466 Alison - Free Online Learning Managing Conflict in Enforcement Parking control & Management License D5056997 WAMITAB Roles/ Responsibilities of Civil Enforcement Officers Traffic Management Legislation License H5056998 WAMITAB WAMITAB Level 2 Parking Enforcement Officers- PEOA2 License 601/1781/3 WAMITAB

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: NSL Services Group / Birmingham City Council

Current Position: Enforcement Officer

Experience Description:

Contact Preferences:
Contact Telephone

Other Information:

I recently (DEC 2017) turned 41 years of age

Birthdays and new years always make me quite reflective & critical of my achievements!

What I have done in the Past and what I have to show for it.

This time, though, there was finally a wonderful difference.

Over the past 8 years what’s mattered has been about the people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, The good I have done for others and the things I’ve discovered about myself & life in general whether on a personal or Professional level, none of which have brought me anything mega material to show for it, However, I’ve learned character-building life lessons, the kind that have changed my outlook on life & to be honest, I wish I’d learned them sooner.

Experience is a brilliant teacher, at times you learn through pain, others through happiness, the main thing is to be positive in every situation.

whether you looking to seek advice on life or a particular subject in the skills listing, I’m just a click away



Comment from MentorSelector:

We are delighted to welcome Mr Zaman to MentorSelector. For a full overview of Mr Zaman’s experience, please refer to the LinkedIn link for further information – which includes the following narrative and experience:

I am a responsible and loyal individual who takes pride in his work. I have a natural ability for working with my mind researching, analysing & solving problems; however that does not stop me from getting right into action when results are needed to meet deadlines. 
My Professional Personality dictates that I be concerned not only about getting things done but to ensure that they are done the right way. 
I know that the encounters that I have had within my life on a personal and professional level have enabled me to include but not limited to strong interpersonal skills, self restraint, and an ability to liaise with people in a calm and effective manner whereupon the objective of the subject gets achieved.

Experience includes:

  • Enforcement Officer – NSL Services Group / Birmingham City Council
  • Civil Enforcement Officer – APCOA Parking / Sandwell Borough Council

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