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Adam Pettingill

Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

Become the hunter in sales and marketing, not the hunted!

Learn to have the right mindset in everything you do!

Go for the high ticket item “top tier” all in its the only way to succeed

Our biggest enemy is ourself, learn how to overcome these fears.

6 Sessions for $USD 794
12 Sessions for $USD 1587

Management Consultancy, Advisory & Support Services
Marketing & Advertising
Professional Training

Education: Secondary Year 12 SACE Cert Diploma Of Business Management

Languages: English

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Current Company: Pettienterprise

Current Position: Sales/Marketing/Mindset

Experience Description: Website Design Lead collecting sales marketing FB advertising / youtube advertising social engineering mindset and motivator

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Good  Afternoon

What I have found by speaking with different business owners and marketers is simply the no. 1 answer to achieve anything in this life.

  • Do you have the correct mindset to succeed?
  • Do you have the inner strength to keep going when things get tough with cold calling for future clients, to closing a sale over the phone or online.
  • Do you have the right attitude to stay in the game and conquer the personal goals we face as business people some days.
  • Do you know or even write up and follow through your business goals and also personal goals.

I have been marketing offline and online for a while now, some successful and some failures!

But with the failures I would not have been able to understand the experience and personal growth platform we all need to go through.

What you will learn from me is to have the right mindset

How to go after the top tier clients and close them

How to have the right attitude in the first place to be a “go getter” and not a slacker and not throw in the towell when the going gets tough.

Them days when you just cant seem to get leads or close a sale etc how to over them negative feeling and fears that creep in on us.

Our biggest downfall is not believing in yourself that you can do it!!

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