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Alexandra Harteam

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


I am a very successful Options Trader of over 10 years experience trading the US Market. With my unique trading strategy (which I am going to share with my students) I have, and continue to out-perform the Stock Market. For international corporations, investment banks and hedge funds who are experiencing set backs due to under-performance especially from their Trading Desk, I am here to help. Or if you are your own Investment Manager, managing your own wealth, you can certainly benefit from my guidance.

Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn page:

You will see my LIVE trades which is updated every week, plus my up-to-date Profit & Profit Account. Scrutinize my records, which is a week-by-week trading diary of how I made over USD1 million from just 300K in 7 months. You can do that too!

6 Sessions for $USD 1900
12 Sessions for $USD 2600

Banking & Finance (also see Investment Banking & Financial Services)
Capital Markets
Financial Services (also see Banking & Finance)
Investment Management

Education: Bachelor's Degree - Economics - The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Published co-author of the books: - The Emperor's Stargate - The Emperor's Stargate: Success on All Levels 500% ROI - Made US$1.5m in 12 months starting with a capital of USD$300,000 which is well documented in weekly portfolio updates in LinkedIn.

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Position: Options Trader

Experience Description:

Other Information:

Trading & Mentoring for Clients and Corporations worldwide. Let the on-going figures, outstanding profit percentages and LIVE results speak for themselves. Learn from the best and most successful on-line Trader. The ultimate goal is to ensure maximum returns with Every Single Trade, while safe-guarding our capital.

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