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Building Materials
Complementary Medicine / Alternative Medicine
Cosmetics (also see Pharmaceuticals)
Drug Discovery
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Medicine (incl Doctors, Nursing & Healthcare Workers)
Mental Health Care
Pharmaceuticals (also see Cosmetics)
Professional Training
Research & Development
Technology (incl Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
Wellness & Fitness
Writing & Editing

Education: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Organic & Medicinal Chemistry B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese

The Best Pharmacist & Scientist Ever!

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: Faculty of Pharmacy - Mansoura University (Mansoura, Egypt)

Current Position: Pharmacist, Researcher, Medicinal Chemist, and Scientist

Experience Description: Everything in my field ... Experience includes: • Editor-in-Chief - International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (IJBB) (Mar 2016 - Present) • Editor-in-Chief and Head of the Peet Review Committee - International Journal of Pharma Sciences and Scientific Research (IJPSR) (Mar 2016 - Present) • Principal Official Organic Chemistry Eduation Volunteer - American Chemical Society (ACS) (Mar 2016 - Present) • Chairman of the Organizing Committee & Principal Official Speaker - World Congress & Expo on Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2017 • Editorial Board Director & Chairman - Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Research (JPMR) (Mar 2016 - Present) • Editor-in-Chief - International Journal of Translation & Community Medicine (IJTCM) (Feb 2016 - Present) • Chairman of the Editorial Board - International Journal of Clinical Therapeutics and Diagnosis (IJCTD) • Executive Editor - International Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry & Molecular Biology (IJBCMB) • The New Honorable President - Athens Institute for Education and Research (Jan 2016 - Present) • Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board - Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (AJOMC) (Jan 2016 - Present) • Official Peer-Reviewer - Medicinal Chemistry Research (International Journal, Springer) (Jan 2016 - Present) • Researcher, Scientist, Lecturer. Investigator & Discoverer - Faculty of Pharmacy - Mansoura University (Aug 2008 - Present) • Pharmacist, Head of Pharmacists at The Public Dikernis Hospital - Scientist, Researcher, Discoverer - Faculty of Pharmacy - Mansoura University (Jan 2008 – Present) • Researcher & Scientist (Pharmaceutical Organic & Medicinal Chemist) - Faculty of Pharmacy (Mansoura University) (Aug 2000 - Present)

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