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Angela Hucker

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I am passionate about helping people overcome whatever life issues they may be experiencing; I am a compassionate and caring sounding board for you; I’ll help you discover the underlying greatness you may have inside you; I’ll help show you how to embrace the shitty situations life may throw at you and how to come out the otherside with strength, courage, fortitude and a smile.

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Education: Diploma Project Management Diploma Management Diploma Business

I have been blessed to have been able to travel and live in the USA, where my son was born. I have also taken the opportunity to travel China, Vietnam, Cambodia, France, New Zealand, New Caledonia, England. I have trekked in Nepal and Laos. I absolutely love travelling and exploring this amazing world that we live in. For 7 years I lived on a 60ft motorsailer and whilst I didn't sail around the world, it taught me about how the simple things in life are the most important and that you don't need so much damn stuff to be happy. In 2018 I achieved a personal challenge of doing a 48km hike non-stop, in 15hrs, which was to raise money for kids to take them to walk the real Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea.

Experience Description: My work has taken me around Australia, working on large Oil and Gas Projects, Transmission Projects, Solar Projects and Wind Farm Projects. Being a female in a male dominated industry was very challenging but taught me many valuable life skills, such as adaptability, flexibility, understanding and compassion. Working away from home for weeks at a time, is not an easy feat and the people you work with end up becoming your "other" family and I have ended up with alot of lifelong friends from this amazing opportunity. I do alot of volunteering as I believe it is valuable to give back, in whatever capacity that you can. It also helps teaches you other skills that you don't get taught in the mainstream. The volunteering jobs I have participated in include State Emergency Service, Salvation Army, Crimestoppers, Raise Foundation (mentoring youth and young mums), Qld Athletics Association, Ronald McDonald House, St John Ambulance.

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Other Information:

I have successfully achieved a Masters from the School of Hard Knocks and learnt how to overcome every life challenge, no matter how big or small, that has been thrown my way.  When I was 21, I was pregnant and newly married to my son’s father, whilst living in the States.  After returning to Australia when my son was 3 weeks old, his father decided he didn’t want to be a parent or husband anymore and left, whilst I was visiting friends and returned to the USA. My son was only 7 weeks old at this stage. I didn’t know where he was until he contacted me 1 week later to tell me.  This experience caused me alot of emotional issues and greatly affected my self esteem.

7 months later, my closest family member, support person and life mentor was killed instantly in a motorbike accident.  Hearing the news that day, I felt as if the ocean was crashing in on me and I was drowning. It was the most heart wrenching, gut churning news ever.

That particular year was one of my toughest throughout my life and was a very dark time in my life.  My son was my saving grace during this period and his beautiful smile is what kept me getting up each day and to just keep putting 1 foot in front of the other.

Further, and as a result of my low self esteem and general struggle with life, I was involved in  2 seperate domestic violent relationships over a 12 year period, which gladly I survived.  Whilst it has taken me many years to recover from the psychological damage caused by these relationships, these experiences have taught me how to be confident, stand up for myself, be resilient, to dig deep and find my inner strength and to always be kind to people, as you never know what battles someone is dealing with, no matter how they seem on the surface.

At the end of this 12 year period, I then endured one of the most painful experiences when my son fell off the rails at 17 as a result of substance abuse.  This particular experience saw me go to hell and back several times over the last 7 years.  There is nothing more painful than seeing the person that I loved the most, suffering.  All I wanted to do is hold him and protect him, but as a result of the substance abuse over this time, he constantly removes me from his life for periods at a time, ranging anywhere from 6 months to 12 months.  Whilst I have learnt this is his way of protecting me, as I know he wouldn’t want me to see him like that, it doesn’t stop the pain of not having your 1 true love in your life.

However, all of these experiences have taught me some valuable lessons.  1 – always look after my myself no matter what.  If I’m not good to myself, than how can I be any good to anyone else; 2 – always maintain a routine no matter how hard it is; 3 – eat healthily.  I needed to be in the best health possible to cope with the high level of stress I’ve had to endure; 4 – control my thoughts. It’s very easy to slip down the black hole but the goal is to always focus on the positive little things each and every day and be grateful for absolutely everything.  This is a skill I have had to master and make a conscious effort to do; 5 – no matter how shit your situation is, there is always someone worse off, battling something far greater; 6 – try and understand you’ve been given this experience to learn a lesson.  Whilst you don’t know what it is at the time, I have often found years down the track that I have been able to refer back to my past shitty situations and been able to help someone else out.  Remember, we are only ever given what we can deal with.

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