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Health, Wellness & Fitness
Self Defense
Wellness & Fitness

Education: Doctor of Dental Medicine Lesmills Inc

Languages: English, Tagalog


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Current Company: QC Health Department | Fitness First Philippines | Gold's Gym Philippines

Current Position: Dentist | Lesmills Group Exercise Instructor

Experience Description: 25 years as Dentist 6 years as Lesmills Group Exercise Instructor 3 years as entrepreneur

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My name is DR Antonio Manlangit Jr., a dentist who works at the QC Health Department ( QC Government, Philippines) and also a private practitioner. Practicing since 1992 and specializing in dental public health, general dentistry, minor dental surgeries, dental health educations etc. I am very passionate regarding my dental practice and i make it a point to satisfy my clients whenever they visit my dental facility. I consider myself an expert in this field of work because of the number of years in my practice and the volume of patients and work i encounter everyday, plus the number of seminars and trainings i had along the way.

I can help my mentee by guiding him/her with her dental practice or dental studies if he/she is still in school. I can also help in analyzing dental cases and suggest which is the best treatment.  Can also providing soft copies of dental education materials to aid in dental educations and forums.


Trained under Lesmills on 2010 for the program of BODY ATTACK, and 2011 for the program of BODY COMBAT. Since then I have been conducting group exercise classes from Monday to Saturday ( after my clinic hours). Regularly attending our quarterly workshops and tuitions to learn the new choreography of the class and for further growth in being a group exercise instructor.  I am knowledgeable in the different exercises that can be done in any gym. Presently work’s at Fitness First and Gold’s Gym Philippines and can mentor inspiring instructors to be successful in their chosen field; on how to choreograph their classes, how to effectively memorize a pre-choreographed class in the shortest amount of time, how to properly coach and cue during class for proper executions and safety. Can also help in avoiding ”choking” while conducting a class. Having involved in my favorites sports since high school and my continuous fitness trainings has helped me achieve my present health up to this day.  I am turning 50 y/o next year but i can still out-train my co-instructor half my age. With this, I will be very willing to mentor anyone who needs advise regarding the fitness industry.


I am not yet an expert in this field but I can help people get safe and prevent or avoid being attacked or bullied.  You can learn how to fight and WHEN not to fight. Krav Maga is not a martial art, it is a self defense technique on how to survive or prevent attacks and to go home safe and alive to your family.

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