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Ashley Wright

Harrison, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Hello – essentially I am seeking the right sort of Mentee who is passionate about succeeding and are seeking collaborative guidance from a Mentor.

I have an easy-going style and am looking forward to helping you achieve ‘success’ as you determine it.

I would like you and I to look back from your successful future and say that we were able to achieve your outcome together.



6 Sessions POC
12 Sessions POC

Executive Coaching
Life Coach
Management Consultancy, Advisory & Support Services
Military & Defence Personnel
Personal Development
Professional Development
Professional Training

Education: BA (Politics and History) Masters of Project Management Masters of Capability Development and Acquisition Executive MBA

Management Consulting Project Management Defence Government

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: Helmsman International

Current Position: Management Consultant

Experience Description: As per LinkedIn: 20 Years in Defence Project Manager 7 years (Projects $20m to $1.5bn) Worked in Europe Management Consultant (Strategy consulting) Property Developer

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Other Information:

I am a 38 year old professional who is married with a child. I currently reside in Canberra but have lived all over Australia and internationally. I am passionate about people.

I have been fortunate in my life to have had access to men and women who have had a positive influence on my professional life. Conversely I have been exposed to people who haven’t been good mentors and have tried to learn from that.

After enlisting in the Army as an Officer at 17 I have undergone one of the toughest leadership and management curriculums in the world and have been exposed to many people of varying shades of interest and complexity.

There is an opportunity for me to provide guidance on the oft required but seldom taught aspects of successful management, particular of people and what makes high performing teams which is necessary for middle and upper management.

As a Project Manager I was responsible for coordinating teams to deliver highly technical and at times, complex outcomes. But again I found that people were at the heart of my work. It was here that I started to form my views regarding organisational behaviour and what made projects successful, or not.

There is an opportunity for me to provide guidance on what makes projects successful and on how to understand what drives organisations. This is essential to anyone looking at working in a project organisation.

As a Strategy Consultant I provide insights to the C-Suite of organisations which include Global Fortune 500’s.

I can add value for helping those who desire positions in upper management or Management Consulting, particularly how to navigate through ambiguity and deliver impactful outcomes.

As a Mentor I adopt a callaborative approach to understand what the Mentee requires and help frame what success in their life my look like. Essentially its not just about success in your chosen profession but holistic success in life. With my broad experience this is an area I can support others in.


Many thanks

Ash Wright



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