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Bronwyn Petzer

Lonehill, Gauteng, South Africa

6 Sessions for $USD 300
12 Sessions for $USD 450

Health, Wellness & Fitness
Life Coach
Mental Health Care

Education: BCom Marketing & Business Management Applied Kinesiology Level 1 & 2 Cell Power Mind Power

Languages: English

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: Journey To Freedom

Current Position: Transformational Coach

Experience Description: 38 years life experience 20 years experience in sales, marketing, events and operations 5 years experience as a transformational healer 3 years experience in coaching and mentoring in building a lifestyle business

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Other Information:

Focused on adding value to the world at large by assisting individuals with healing, personal growth, development and ultimately transformation on every level, Bronwyn is a natural healer, entrepreneur, coach and mentor. Her own healing and personal journey has brought her to a place of inspiring through her own story and experiences.

It is her passion to help people wake up to their own potential. Consciousness is at the forefront of her work, because nothing can change or shift without awareness. “Tapping into your authentic self in order to help you embrace your own healing power.”

She is dedicated to helping people get the most life from their years on planet earth and realise their full potential.

She has merged her love of serving and helping people heal with her love of travel. Wellness and personal transformation retreats will be introduced in 2017 locally and internationally.

Bronwyn is all for risking the mediocre in order to be great. We are all born for greatness, but we forget our true power along the way. The only thing that stands in our way is BELIEF. She is here to disrupt your beliefs and help you see that they are just lies that are there to limit you.

Bronwyn sees herself as a global citizen who loves to travel, have fun and expand her mind and being. She wants the same for others and is passionate about helping people embrace change and let go of their fears and excuses.

Embracing self-expression and authenticity is important to her and a big puzzle piece to becoming fulfilled and realizing that happiness comes from within.

How she can help you:
1. One-on-one healing consultations – Applied Kinesiology & Holistic Massage
2. Online holistic wellness coaching
3. Lifestyle Wellness packages (6 or 12 month options)
4. Lifestyle business opportunities
5. Travel opportunities
6. Work from home business opportunity with full mentorship

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