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Bulelwa Rulashe

Joburg, Gauteng, South Africa

6 Sessions for $USD 300
12 Sessions POC

Executive Coaching
Human Resources
Learning & People Development

Education: Industrial Psychologist

Languages: English & Xhosa

Highly respected senior facilitator Highly respected public speaker Been applauded as someone who easily connects with all types of people

Current Position: Senior Facilitator | Public Speaker

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I’m a vibrant, mature Black female residing in SA, a single parent to 2 lovely girls aged 21 and 19. I mention that, because I find that my parenting skills have allowed me to get very honest feedback from my daughters about who I am and how I impact.


I have experience in HR and facilitation of leadership development programs for over 20 years. I have been informally and formally approached to mentor and sometimes coach people. People have always walked away from my workshops feeling empowered, feeling they have practical tools to work with and know what to do once back at their work environments. My approach has empowered people to acquire skills they not only use at work, but found value in using them in their personal lives as well. You only have to interact with me, and you’ll feel my positive impact

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