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Education: BSc Chemistry MBA

Languages: English, German, French

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: TWC Consulting Group

Current Position: President

Experience Description: Enterprises the world over struggle to create sustainable high performance, to transform their cultures, and to install a management team that can deal effectively and efficiently with a constantly changing reality. I have solved these and similar issues for a number of diverse enterprises all over the world by getting their leaders away from conventional thinking and current wisdom, and so assisted changing their businesses into entities that are the delight of their stakeholders, the utter despair of their competitors, and this for the foreseeable future so.

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Trusted advisor to organizations that truly want to build sustainable high performance while fulfilling their ethical, social and economic responsibilities in an ever more complex environment.

Mentees will benefit from solid mentoring expertise and experience from over 20 years as skilled leader and catalyst with exceptional multinational expertise and experience in corporate renewal, culture transformation, performance management, organization design, management effectiveness, remuneration strategy, and strategic planning.

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