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Darrel Stinson

Chelsea, Michigan, United States (US)

When I work with mentees, I do my best to find out the bottom line issue of what they want me to assist them with.

I try to share as much knowledge as I possibly can without becoming to overwhelming. If there is an question or concern that I can’t help with, I will do everything within my ability to come up with a answer, solution or find someone that can provide me with the answers.

There are so many positive aspects of having a mentor that I cherish every moment of it. Let me help you and then you can pass all that you learn forward.

6 Sessions for $USD 350
12 Sessions for $USD 500

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Art - Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Crafts
Computer Software
Graphic design
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Job-Search Coaching
Learning & People Development
Life Coach
Personal Development
Wellness & Fitness

Education: BAA - Central Michigan University Associates - Jackson College NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Officer of The Year 2002 Promoted to Acting Sergeant 2004 Board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Special Olympics Volunteer High Honors, Jackson College Certified Personal Trainer Employee of the Quarter 2018

Current Position: Facilitator and Certified Trainer

Experience Description: I have been a facilitator and certified trainer of various educational programs for over 20 years. I have been speaking, providing advice and mentoring one on one or in a group setting. I have facilitated such programs as Domestic Violence, Cage Your Rage, Smart Steps, Thinking Matters, Business Education Technology, Financial Planning and various other Cognitive programs.

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Other Information:

Hello, I’m Darrel Stinson. I love being a mentoring and helping others. I have been facilitating, coaching & mentoring for approx. 20 years.

I was a mentor far before I ever decided to join Mentor Selector. I find that the more I help others the better I become a person and the better I become as a person the better I’m able to help others, it’s a win/win situation.

I can help guide with more positive thinking, achieving goals, making better decisions, gaining better self-esteem, better communication skills, improving relationships with others, dealing with anger and conflict resolution, improving financial situation and developing better health & physical fitness.

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