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David Hearst

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

     I’m just a normal hard working person, retired now, who enjoys discussing life in general no matter background or anything else. I’m honest, a good listener and know I provide support and help in learning and acquiring a positive approach to life around us. Achieve your dreams whatever that may be, no matter whether at the top or as high as you can take your goals. Be happy and positive. Above all else, gain knowledge outside your normal spheres of interest. Enjoy and have a fun experience.

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Personal Development
Public Relations and Communications
Writing & Editing

Education: High School Diploma Ontario Cdn. Army Trades - Qualified to Senior NCO Various Certificates of General Knowledge

Languages: English

I've always had a yearning to learn. History holds my attention greatly as without it we'd have no true knowledge of mankind and the formation of such unique and diverse societies. It's truly amazing to learn and understand why so many Civilizations failed while others prospered and survived. Every step by humans to evolve throughout the millennia has added some part whether large or small to who we are today. Triumphs and Defeats, Persecutions, ETC., history is wide open for all.

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Current Company: RETIRED


Experience Description: My experiences come from life itself. I've always loved to read and at age 8 devoured a 24 volume novel set on the History of WWII. As I grew older my interest in history and reading allowed me to become a self-taught educated man. A high school diploma was good enough for me and working was important. I moved from job to job gaining skills which enhanced me to progress. My 8 years spent in the military taught me quite a lot as one can imagine. My world revolves around the working class where I've been Foreman, Instructor, Union President and have been in charge of over 100 people at different times. I'm a natural born leader who cares and helps whenever possible, provided I really can.

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Hello, I’m 63 years of age, husband, father and grandfather enjoying life in retirement. I’ve always possessed an interest in gaining knowledge of life itself. Reading has always been a great joy for me and I started early in life. At the age of 8, with my father being a professional soldier and D-Day veteran, I read a 24 volume set of The History of WWII. From then on my interest in history has been escalated. Throughout life, I’ve studied human history from Ancient Civilizations to Modern Age. I find it truly amazing how big, small, or era, all societies added to what we’ve become now. Politically, economically, spirituality, race, we all possess a common beginning.

My life experiences took me into many fields within the blue collar world. From job to job I took added skills gained on the way and incorporated them into my everyday life. I’ve been a student, teacher, orator, leader and mentor. I’m currently a member of the Mentor Community with Coursera E-Learning, available worldwide.

I offer understanding and knowledge of the working world from the trenches to the top. To be at the top we learn from those with the knowledge and skills who are doing the same or have already achieved their desired level of being at the top.

Knowledge it itself is something we should hold precious and it’s our responsibility to pass this on to the next generations.

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