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Deanna Forsythe

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States (US)

My Master’s Degree is in Professional Development, K-12, is directly aligned with mentoring individuals to achieve their goals. My passion and ability to support others is evident in the following initiatives of which I am currently involved. First, I am an Alverno Undergraduate Assessor. My role is comprised of observing students in particular settings and providing one to one, constructive and evaluative feedback specific to global perspective, analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, and effective citizenship skill development. This supports improvement of life skill interactions they express as they enter the workforce. Second, I am an at-risk High School Assessor through Nepris. This position involves utilizing specific criteria framed to support students’ abilities to self-assess. This assessment is part of a Micro-Enterprise Credential program they must complete.

6 Sessions for $USD 300
12 Sessions for $USD 450

Career Counseling
Formal Grammar Rules
Job-Search Mentoring
Parent Coaching
Personal Development
Professional Development
Recreation Therapy
Writing & Editing

Current Position: Alverno Undergraduate Assessor | High School Assessor

Experience Description:

Other Information:

I have been in the field of education for over 20 years. My professional background ranges from working in Early Childhood through the Undergraduate level. I have a strong interest in coaching individuals to facilitate deeper personal and professional learning experiences. This includes but is not limited to:
*Coaching educators to set and meet professional development goals
*Mentoring high school students for success after graduation
*Mentoring and assessing undergraduates to support their professional development goals
*Coaching professionals to support licensing completion

I also have a natural aptitude to support others in the art of speaking and writing/communication.


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