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Denis Dimitrijevic

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I am a self-taught Music Producer.

I have been in the music industry for over a decade. I have a very keen ear for making music, everything in my music is self-taught, I play the piano by ear and implement samples as well as other sounds to create what you hear, the So Flawless sound.

My production varies from Pop sounding, to Hip Hop, to Electronica and Dub Step, so in saying that, I know that I can work with a wide variety of artists from different genres. I have worked with national & international acts. I have worked with DJ Green Lantern who is Eminem’s DJ, I have worked with Hip Hop royalty, Chino XL, Danny Boy (from the 2Pac song “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”) and am currently working with Fortay At Large, who’s album charted at #2 on the Australian iTunes charts.

My music features heavily in TV shows, Movies, Company Branding and Advertising. My songs get regular air time on Fashion One TV which is a 24/7 Fashion TV Network. They broadcast to over 100 countries and regularly gain 120 million viewers per month.

I use the following digital audio workstations:

• Logic Pro 9+
• Reason 6+
• Pro Tools
• Acid Pro
• Fruity Loops

What motivates me and drives me is mentoring the next generation of young musicians or anyone who is interested in becoming a music artist, whether it be a singer song writer, sound engineer or music producer. I’ve been in the music industry for over a decade, experienced the highs and lows of the business and understand what it takes to succeed. I want to help give back because music has been my life so if I can help guide someone in the right direction, they won’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

6 Sessions for $ 635
12 Sessions for $ 1111

Art - Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Crafts
Writing & Editing

Education: Self taught Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Instrumentalist.

Languages: English, Serbian

I am also a Level 1 (in-training) National Rugby League Sports Trainer. As well as Music, I am passionate about Rugby League and Sports in general. I want to help people succeed and contribute to their well being and success in life.

Current Company: So Flawless

Current Position: Music Producer

Experience Description: Music Producer @ So Flawless. If you'd like to listen to the music I make, please head on over to the links below. To listen to my instrumental music - To listen to songs with vocals I mixed and produced -

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Other Information:

I have over decade of experience in the music industry in a variety of genres from Pop, Hip Hop to Electronica, and having worked with a wide variety of artists, both national and international. Check out my latest remix:


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