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Geoff Starling CSCS

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Thank you for coming by. During my ten years working in the health and fitness industry I have learned that the most effective approach to physical wellness is to Move Well, Move Strong and Move Often. Exercise serves as a critical component of health and I am here to impart the knowledge gained from a life committed to being vibrant both inside and outside of the gym. As a father of two, I understand the challenges of committing to a regular exercise routine. As a survivor of significant medical complications, I can empathise with those facing barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a victim of homicide, I appreciate the accomplishment of rising each morning to greet the day. Join me and our vibrant community as we lift, laugh and live legendary on our way to optimum performance. We would love to have you.

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Health, Wellness & Fitness
Life Coach

Other Information:

Geoff Starling’s journey to a career in health and fitness has been convoluted to say the least. After completing high school and two business degrees in Australia he set off to New York City to establish himself as a human resources manager. Flash forward 10 years and Geoff lives in Calgary, Canada having curated an immensely satisfying career serving the population through exercise and healthy living practices – and never once working in an HR department. During that time he has started multiple successful businesses, met and married his wife and become the father of two spectacular children. He has survived the loss of two organs, battled with the murder of his younger brother and been confronted with his own mortality on more than one occasion.

Over his decade working in fitness, Geoff has operated under every permutation of the industry possible from front desk operations to managing a team of 30+ employees and volunteers. From private studios with 100 members to a YMCA with 7000. From a community not-for-profit to a Fortune 500 oil and gas firm. Along the way he has earned multiple MBAs in ’getting s^%t done’ to add to his fitness credentials which include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Functional Movement Specialist (FMS).

Outside of the gym, Geoff has consulted for the Calgary Weight Management Centre since 2012 and served on executive committees including Mount Royal University and the Canadian Obesity Network (CON-YYC). His drive to aid those struggling to add a base level of activity to their busy lives has lead him to expand his coaching to platforms like writing, public speaking and online consulting in order to share his experience with a wider audience.

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