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Helen Obiageli Oshikoya LLB,BL,MA,ACAS,ACEA,SAEEA

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

If you are interested in a career in Mental Healthcare in Africa then, my credentials are what you are looking for . I can assist you with planning future career paths as well as  helping you cope with your work schedule.    Balancing lives issues is one of my core competencies. My aim of  mentorship  is to make sure that the pressures of life do not become a barrier to your potential future success . If you are having what they call ‘mid-life crises’ then I am just the right person for you.

I love being a mentor.  I have been a mentor for almost 15 years. Let me guide you to success.

6 Sessions for $ 1190
12 Sessions for $ 2380

Individual & Family Services
Life Coach
Medicine (incl Doctors, Nursing & Healthcare Workers)
Mental Health Care

Education: Nigerian Legal Practioner , MA Social Science, Nerodevelopmental Specialist , Advanced Autism Specialist IBCCES Certified , Chatered Educational Assessor, First Aid Instructor , School Health Services Provider

Languages: English

I am an IBCCES Certified Trainer Partner in Nigeria, , First Certified /Advanced Autism Specialist in Nigeria I am the founder / CEO of Nobelova Gradani PsychoEducational Services. I am a member of the Nigerian Bar Association since 1991 and I hold a Master’s degree in Social Science from the United Kingdom consisting of child development, clinical and learning assessments and other areas of social sciences that require mental health expertise. With a wealth of experience in children’s rights I have been the foremost advocate for several campaigns involving the Rights of the Nigerian Child, including developmental screening from as early as one month of birth. I am also a member of the Nigerian Psychological Association, British Psychological Society, Dyslexia Guild and the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. I have made a great impact with children that have neurodevelopmental disorders, dyslexia and Autism are just to name a few. As an Advanced Certified Autism Specialist and a certified training partner of IBCCES Jacksonville Florida, I have created a whole new industry in mental healthcare in Nigeria. Children with specific learning disabilities in Nigeria are able to have examination access arrangements for schools in the United Kingdom due to me being a Specialist Assessor. My (Children’s Integrated Long-term Development Projects) CHILD-P is a research-based innovative initiative designed to identify the pattern of Neuro-developmental Disorders among children; identify the needs of such children, and develop family-oriented and community-based intervention and treatment for such children.. The CHILD-P initiative has provided hospitals, schools and establishments with developmental, educational and psychometric tests as well as interventions and workforce engaged programmes that really work. "Great ideas come out of new perspectives. I dreamt of a glamorous future as an award winning actress on the world stage but one day something happened; on a visit to a mental health facility centre I saw a mentally ill young boy eating off the floor. I was horrified not just because of the awfulness of the situation but because the staff at the center seemed resigned to it. By this time I was already a qualified lawyer working for an international aviation company. I used all my savings to ensure that I obtained high value certifications in mental health and without fear I started up Nobelova Gradani PsychoEducational Services. (Noble Citizen) in Nigeria from the onset I was determined that each child would receive only the best of care and treatment to make sure "No child is left behind." Starting out was difficult – there were very few trained professionals and lack of knowledge can create powerful vested interests. Through a mixture of co-opting, resistance and collaboration. I was able to lay new frameworks for mental healthcare. There were moments of laughter, joy and tears but those moments all served to strengthen my belief. Today Nobelova Gradani has 70 children in its Early Intervention Programme, we provide developmental screening/diagnosing for six private and one public hospital (Lagos State Teaching Hospital) we have 54 schools practicing school health. Nobelova Gradani is not stopping. We intend to train over 100 Neurodevelopmental Specialists at a cost of over $170,000, 000. At the moment we already have 50 specialists in residence with 5 graduate IBCCES Certified Autism Specialist. I am creating new career lines in mental health and through its advocacy programme AdvoHealth. My aim is to create in Nigeria an inclusive just and caring society. “Despite the challenge of the child, the child has a right to be educated.”

Current Company: Nobelova Gradani Psychoeducational Services

Current Position: CEO

Experience Description: I have a wealth of experience in training people who wish to embark in a career working with individual with nerodevelopmental disorders and mental health .I have worked internationally and trained several people in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders.

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