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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Art - Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Crafts
Career Counseling
Entertainment (also see Media)
Food Production
Home Improvement Retail
Human Resources
Job-Search Coaching
Job-Search Mentoring
Life Coach
Personal Development
Professional Development
Professional Training
Real Estate
Retail (incl sporting goods, luxury goods & jewellery)
Self Defense
Staffing & Recruiting

Education: Secondary Education CERTIFICATE IV Training and Assessment

Languages: English

Awards for excellence Workplace and Recruitment Marketing Training coaching mentoring Disadvantaged and mental health exoffenders and Acting Entertainment and Renovations real estate and small crop Farming music art animals gardening landscaping

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: StarNow

Current Position: Actor, Model, Musician

Experience Description: Sales Retail Recruitment Training Mentoring Acting Job Services Renovation Landscaping

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Other Information:

Mature aged professional creative gent respectful had a full life of highs and lows living proof can be anything you want by self belief never give in when hard times devour you have fun create new beginnings surround yourself with positive support!I have worked with on caseloads and as a Trainer in workshops with the disadvantaged disabilty youth all cultures ex offenders drug mental health and more!I am also an actor entertainer a passion to be creative an artist appreciate beauty to assist others and make them smile be apart of their positive change to find the spark within us all!I relish interaction listening and making a difference in life and our journey!

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