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Inamullah Ansari

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Accredited MINDS — Optimizing BRAINS Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence.

“We would like to be an honest failure than a corrupt success.” Honesty is a very expensive gift, so we don’t expect it from cheap people.

6 Sessions for $USD 600
12 Sessions for $USD 1200

Business Management
Compliance & Legal
Legal & Judiciary
Management Consultancy, Advisory & Support Services
Maritime & Shipping
Mental Health Care
Real Estate

Education: M.Sc, M.A, LLB.

Languages: Urdu & English

OUR PROJECTS! http://KarachiLawyers.Org http://MarinePakistan.Org http://PAKandUAElawyers.Com http://MentalHealthPakistan.Org http://OverseasPakistanisCell.Org

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Current Position: Tax Attorney | IRS-FBR Defense Advocates Supreme Court | Chief Correspondent | Corporate Counsel

Experience Description: Please refer to my LinkedIn profile

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Other Information:

Inamullah Ansari an industrious man of an even temper every now & then maintaining 24 plus years of academic brilliance & learning avenues experiences that includes but not limited to Optimizing Brains Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence.

He is renowned National Clinical Interventionist & Back Channel Diplomat. In these walks of life, he has established & overseen Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics / Drug / Substances Abuse, Addiction Denial Behaviors Counseling For Change for more than a dozen Detox & Rehab facilities, including DUA House (Karachi), Bridge Rehab & PAK Clinic (Lahore), Nishan Foundation (Multan & Islamabad).

Being an Advocate High Court too he is practicing under the Domain of Forensic Mental illness Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Structured Family Inclusive Interventions in lieu of Convictions, Effects of Serious Psychiatric Illnesses On Felony / Misdemeanor Offenses, Evidences, Direct Cross-Examinations, Psychological Evaluations, Trials & an Experts Witness Technology in the Courtrooms / Boardrooms / Screening Rooms Testimony.

Our Science & Client Centered Native & Cross Platform Firmly Adjudicate under the Domain of Mandate where Fear is No Policy & Surrender is No Option.

Our Arbitration expertise extends to all types of disputes & industries with specialists in Contentious & Non-Contentious Finance, Commodities & Shipping Arbitration all working closely together to prevent & resolve Clients problems.

My career has taken me straight to the intersection of Concentrated Collaborative Practice of law, a new approach to Attractive Alternative Dispute Resolution that is designed to bring parties together to solve their differences and retain control over the final outcome rather than resort to litigation.

With all responsibilities & demands of time, travel, work, family & human relations placed upon us in today’s competitive world, our collections & recommendations really a Big Plus to have referred to.

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