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Health, Wellness & Fitness
Medicine (incl Doctors, Nursing & Healthcare Workers)

Education: MD PhD, Pathology Surgical Pathologist, Pathology MD, Medicine

Languages: Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, English, German ( level A)

Working in sports for disabled, Paravolley (sitting volleyball) President of the Hrvatski savez sjedeće odbojke (Croatian sitting volleyball federation) 13 publications - please refer to the LinkedIn Link for a list.

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Position: MD PhD | Pathologist | Scientific Associate

Experience Description: • Scientific Associate - School of Dental Medicine - University of Zagreb (Dec 2015 - Present) • MD, Pathologist - KBC Sestre milosrdnice (Jul 2006 - Present) • MD PhD, Pathologist - Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre (Jul 2006 - Present) • Aromavita (Feb 2005 - Apr 2007) - Anatomy Teacher • Medical Doctor - General Practice (Sept 2006 - May 2006)

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Comment from MentorSelector:

We are delighted to welcome Dr Pavic to MentorSelector. For a full overview of Dr Pavic’s exceptional experience, please refer to the LinkedIn link for further information. An excerpt of Dr Pavic’s profile is outlined below:

Born in 1974 on July 30th in Osijek, Croatia, finished primary and secondary school, in 1993 was admitted to School of Medicine. In 1999 two-year sports management education in Netherlands. In 1998 was the General Secretary of Euro cup in men sitting volleyball in Osijek, Croatia and won the Croatian Olympic Committee Award in 1999 for Euro cup in men sitting volleyball organization and get scholarship position for management study in Netherlands.

Since 1990 Dr Pavic worked as volleyball referee on the national level for indoor volleyball and sitting volleyball, and since 1999 has been an international volleyball referee for disabled volleyball. Since then she has been an official on many international volleyball competitions, including European and World championships and Paralympic games.

In 2006 got the position at University Department of Pathology at University Hospital Centre Sestre milordnice as the resident, later as the pathologist, and since then worked at this department.

In 2008 she started her PhD programme in 2012 and finished in 2015. Dr Pavic’s interests are the digestive pathology, liver pathology, oral pathology. In 2015 completed her Thesis, and since the end of 2015, became am the scientific associate at School of Dentistry in Zagreb at Zagreb University.

Since 2015, stopped as international volleyball referee and become President of Croatian sitting volleyball federation, and still playing sitting volleyball for women national team.

Since December 2016 became ParaVolley Europe Secretary General, interim, until next General Assembly, and in November 2017 by General Assembly election, elected for ParaVolley Europe Secretary General.

In 2017 Dr Pavic was part of Local Organizing Committee for European Sitting Volleyball Championships 2017 in Poreč, Croatia.

Dr Pavic is also an author and co-author of some scientific articles, some of them are frequently cited and was one of the members of organizing committee who started national sitting volleyball league in 1996.


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