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Jayantha Fernando

Moratuwa, Western, Sri Lanka

Jayantha’s diverse background and versatility in training & development,Mentoring and Coaching enables him to tap on a plethora of experiences in sharing, connecting and engaging people. With 20 years of experience in production, operations, project management, marketing and training & development, Coach Jayantha, continued to emphasis the importance of workplace core coaching and mentoring skills as a part of company’s vision in developing collaborative team culture that drives results.

Applying his creative training methodologies, he blends positive energy and resonant experiences throughout his development programmes. Being passionate about making positive differences, he believes in the power of fostering inner transformations that assure results. He envisions coaching & mentoring as an effective platform for any individual to unleash their true potential and even exceed them.

Jayantha holds an MBA in Business Administration from University of Southern Queensland, Australia, Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing form Chartered Institute of Marketing UK(CIM), Diploma in Training & Development from University of Leicester, UK, Certified Professional Marketer form Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) and a professional Certified Coach(PCC) form the International Coach Federation(USA). Additionally, he is a Consultant for C&G, UK.

6 Sessions for $USD 2400
12 Sessions for $USD 5600

Business Coaching
Business Management
Career Counseling
Human Resources
Life Coach
Professional Training
Program Development

Education: MBA

Languages: English/Sinhala

ICF Credentialed Coach -PCC

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: Smart Quest

Current Position: Co-Founder / Leadership & Executive Coach

Experience Description: 10 years of Coaching and Mentoring experience.

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Other Information:

It is our belief that each system, whether individual or group—holds the answers to the questions and problems they have. What is needed is the right climate and questions to discover what is truly desired, the inherent lessons, potential growth and awareness to enable the desired inner shift that we often call enlightened action or sustained change. Our inner guru is own inner knowing or inner voice that is the soft intuitive voice often hidden behind the noise and chatter in our heads. It is the voice of Right speech, right thought and right sight behind the “should’s”, “could of’s”, “would have’s” and “must have’s”. It is the voice that is connected to our hearts and creates incredible action in loving kindness for both ourselves and others. It is the voice of the power to take right action and (co-)create a healthy world.

Through meditation and mindfulness we learn to be in the moment, to raise our self-awareness, compassion, balance, and reducing stress and gaining clarity of what is truly desired, and align and integrate resources in a wholesome way, rather than focusing on the problems, deeply inquiring into the learning and transformation and beyond as desired.

I’m an experienced Coach focused on helping business executives,Managers,CXO’s in small groups(6-8 persons or individuals)to;

Get in to the heart of the matter( Inner game and outer game)
Uniting the conscious with unconsiousness
Help them in rebirthing/awakening
Alignment and integration of heart mind and spirit and ACT

Our other coaching services;
Small Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs and facilitate them to improve their profitability and business sustainability.

Career Coaching for individuals and professionals to realize their potential, manifest their career/personal goals and to achieve them speedily.

Specialties: Executive Coaching,Group & Team Coaching, Organisational Development/HR Consultancy

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