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Military & Defence Personnel
Professional Training

Education: Bachelor's degree, Logistics. 27 years military.

Languages: English

Retired 1stSGT. Combat veteran. Volunteet, Yoga, gardening, mentoring,.

Current Company: US Army

Current Position: Retired 1st Sgt

Experience Description: Trained over 2,000 troops in many aspects of career advancements, choices. Instructor. Career advisor, Commanding Officer's enlisted advisor.

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Other Information:

  • Have trained, guided and mentored others over 27 years in the Military.
  • Assisted Higher Command staff with basic knowledge of specific areas.
  • Assisted other Company entities, with safety, personal, training aspects for more efficient methods.
  • Had been able to guide and mentor troops during stressful times, by using meditational methods.
  • Awarded by Commanding General for using this method of therapy that maintained operational flow.

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