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Environment - including Environmental Services
Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Law Enforcement
Military & Defence Personnel
Professional Training
Public Safety
Security and Investigations
Self Defense

Education: Warmbaths High School BA Communication, PU for CHO SANDF SAPS

Languages: English and Afrikaans

PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONS, MEMBERSHIP and ASSOCIATIONS: 1. - South African Police Service (SAPS): Accredited Training Provider 400885 2. - Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA} : 2084820, A Grade - Banking, - Retail Officer, - Reaction Officer, - Cash in transit, - Hotel Security, - Financial Institutions, - Special events 3. - Education, Training and Development Practices (ETDP) : INSTRUCTOR, ASSESSOR307321 4. - Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Educational and Training Authority (ETDP – SETA) : ASSESSOR and Moderator: US-41508 5. - South African Security Sector Educational and Training Authority (SASSETA) : ASSESSOR: A78061665 & MODERATOR: 19M78101502 6. - Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) : ASSESSOR: 613/A/003206 & MODERATOR: 613/M/00772 7. - South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA): 06973 8. - Registered Professional Hunter: CPM 401-00850 (Limpopo), MBT M055 (North West and Northern Cape) 9. - South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council. 236. Assessor, Moderator 10. - Field Guide Association of South Africa (FGASA): 17496 11. - FGASA: Track and sign interpretation 12. - Level II Track and signs. Cyber Tracker

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Position: Skilled Trainer | Security Professional | Ex-SADF & SAPS

Experience Description: SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AND/OR EXPERTISE • Manager: Site Manager, Operational Manager, Project Manager for Fidelity Security, TSU, SAPS. • Nature & Game: Investigations for Endangered Species Protection Unit, Veld management, anti-poaching, and Game Farm Management, Guide, education in nature • Professional Hunter. Host to guest (catering, accommodation, transport, safety & security) • Security: Ex-SAPS (1992-2010), PSIRA Registered (2010-2017) • SAPS Investigator (Detective), Intelligence gathering (Covert and Overt), Risk assessments, Operational • Firearms: Firearm Control Act, Use of Rifle, Use of Handgun, Use of Shotgun, Use of Hand Carbine, Handle and use of a handgun for business purposes, - Handle and use of shotgun for business purposes, Handle and use of self-loading rifle or carbine for business purposes, - Handle and use of muzzle-loading firearm. • Investigations: SAPS & Private. Multi crimes such as Drugs, Firearms, Murder, Robbery, Environmental, Endangered Species, etc. • Intelligence Gathering: Operational (covert & overt) Syndicate related, Surveillance, ect. Drugs, Firearms, Endangered Species, Stock, Precious metals and stones, Vehicles. • Counter Intelligence: Counter measures, locating, identifying and removing malicious measures. • Risk Management: Assessments and establishing measures to prevent and combat threats • Project Management &Operational Management: Multi facet • Tracking, tracing and apprehension: Physical activities to apprehend suspects • Training: - Nature related: Environment, Animals, tracking, survival, and hunting - Special skills: Anti-poaching, Rope & Rescue, Man Tracking, Bush craft - Safety & Security: Self-defense, Firearms, Hand-to-hand, Knife, and First Aid - Legislation: Criminal Procedure Act, Constitution, Firearms Control Act, Biodiversity Act and other related Acts and regulations.

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Other Information:

Ex-SADF and SAPS with knowledge and experience in nature related subjects (warfare, tourism and training), Investigations (detective), Intelligence (covert and overt) and training/education in safety, security, and nature.

I am an outdoors person with a passion for life and passionate about nature and wildlife.

My objective is to be the best at whatever I do and keep learning and gather as much knowledge to enhance my own skills AND share my passion for nature and life with others, by educating, training and showing the small things in nature that we usually overlook or look at but not see.

I am a nature fanatic. Anything in nature is my passion, hiking, tracking, conservation, and my hobbies and the training I provide shows my passion;

  • Tracking (animals and man)
  • Nature conservation
  • Anti-poaching
  • Safety & security in nature
  • Abseiling, and rope & rescue
  • Hunting (not for trophies but for meat)
  • Survival and bush-craft

I believe that if you show respect to some-one, that include animals, birds, snakes, insects, will show you the same respect.

It is our duty and privilege to protect that, which sustain us, family, ourselves and nature because it is our heritage because the smallest part of our biodiversity is an integral part our wellbeing.

“Only when the last tree has died,
and the last river has been poisoned,
and the last fish been caught,
will we realise that we cannot eat money”

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