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johanna sheehy

kells, Meath, Republic of Ireland

Experience has thought me to ask if i need help and talk if i need someone to listen. I am looking forward to speaking with you and helping in our sessions. There is no problem in whatever is discussed,  disagree, assess, change in your own development, as you wish i am an open minded person, confidential, and experienced.

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Health, Wellness & Fitness
Individual & Family Services
Medicine (incl Doctors, Nursing & Healthcare Workers)
Mental Health Care
Records Management
Recreational Facilities and Services
Risk Management
Wellness & Fitness

Education: Higher Diploma in Mental Health Nursing Level 8 Certificate in Mental Health Legislation and Practice

Languages: English

Clinical Nurse Manager 2 10 years. Worked in all settings,engaged well in community agencies. Stared and developed Self Harm Service 2013. Instructor in PMAV Prevention of Management and Violence to all staff.

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Current Company: HSE

Current Position: Clinical Nurse Manager 2

Experience Description: Staff Nurse in Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit London. Nurse Manager 2 in all areas of mental health. Acute/Elderly care, Severe and Enduring Mental Illness. Community manager includes Day Centres and Day Hospital, High/medium and Low support hostels. Developed Self Harm Service first of its kind in my Area.

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Other Information:

Qualified in 2001 Higher Diploma in Mental Health nursing. Following my first work as staff nurse in a Psychiatric intensive care unit in London. Their i worked and developed as a practitioner and within the guide of the Mental Health Act. On Returning to Ireland i started to work as staff nurse in a Elderly ward, and gradually after interviews i was a Nurse Manager 2 (ward sister) from 2007/8. I have worked as a manager 2/ staff nurse in all areas of Mental Health, in the community/acute/high/low hostel/eating disorder/continuing care/day hospitals/centres. More recently i set up and developed a Service first of its kind in a emergency department in self harm. From this i was well and truly working with all disciplines in the hospital. Every aspect of delivery of care was recorded/policies and procedures and new interventions in education of all staff/patients/carers. It was also a great opportunity to make strong links in the community with the agencies. All of this experience has helped in developing myself as a person and practitioner. I continue updating with HSEland, and day courses. You can never learn enough. times have change in Ireland in mental health nursing, in regards, to policies/procedures/and presentation of patients, use of illicit drugs/alcohol, the need has changed so this has become even harder for the nurse to deal with,fear of litigation, and our own self confidence may be lost at times. This is why it is good to talk as professionals and try work out which direction we are going, and have a fresher look at our needs which are often forgotten.

I will help as best as i can i am confident in my approach and aware of what is actually happening in today’s duties.

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