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Business Management
Career Counseling
Human Resources
Job-Search Coaching
Job-Search Mentoring
Management Consultancy, Advisory & Support Services
Professional Training
Religion & Religious Institutions
Staffing & Recruiting
Think Tanks
Translation and Localization
Writing & Editing

Education: Master of Technology Education (M.T.E.) Certified Coach (Mastery Coach University) EDI - Life Coaching

Languages: English

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: Life Mastery Success

Current Position: Founder & Leader

Contact Preferences:
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Other Information:

I can help you as being Coach/Mentor/Advisor/Consultant for following things:

  1. Discovering & your Skills
  2. Choosing right career
  3. Fundamental habits of Managers
  4. Career Development or Change
  5. Missing (Personal & Professional) writing
  6. Turning failures into Success
  7. Personal Success
  8. Problem resolving approach ( Work & Marriage)
  9. How to become Credible Employee/Partner?
  10. Workplace Coaching/Mentoring (Control Room environment)
  11. How to become financially independent ( as Taxi Driver / Technician)

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