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Marnus van Wyk

Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

I’m a critical thinker, and people say i come up with out-of-the-box ideas fairly easily. I enjoy identifying the root cause of issues, and helping others solve their problems. I’ve done Grid training, and use their methodology to communicate with those around me. I detest lazy people, and do not believe in motivation as a driving factor, only discipline gets things done.

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Information Technology (IT) & Services (incl Gaming, Programming & Development)

Education: ICT Systems

Languages: English, Afrikaans

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: AEROSUD

Current Position: ICT Operations Manageer

Experience Description: Agile, Kanban, LEAN, Information Technology, ICT Service Delivery, ICT Team Management, Service Desk Management. Experience includes: - ICT Operations Manager - Aerosud (Sept 2007 - Present) - Security Architect - Layer 7 (Mar 2005 - Sept 2007) - Systems Engineer - Xon Systems (1998 - 2002)

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Other Information:

I am responsible for all facets of Information Technology at my current employer, with 20 years experience spanning all fields. Broad experience in service delivery and infrastructure management. Managing a team of professionals responsible for all facets of ICT. Currently busy guiding industrial specialists integrate their digital systems into our PLM and ERP systems, essentially building a manufacturing big data environment, for real time quality control and part of the overall digital transformation landscape.

A big part of my operations style is based on Kanban, LEAN and Agile. The key is to Fail fast, Fail often and learn lessons from the experience as quickly as possible to allow successful value-adding projects to add value by providing minimum viable projects as quickly as possible.

Agile is not just a software development concept, we’ve successfully applied the concepts to many different types of processes. I even assisted facilities maintenance apply the concepts to managing garden services.

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