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Michael Fadairo

London, Newham, United Kingdom (UK)
  • I am a young entrepreneur who made millions by investing in myself and learning things you can never find for free. I took the step, why don’t you?
  • Now I live with no financial issues why don’t you find out what your potential is.

6 Sessions POC
12 Sessions POC

Business Coaching
Business Management
Life Coach
Startup Businesses

Languages: English/ Mandarin

Self made millionaire before 30. Commodities and business startup Specialist. Law of attraction Authority.

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Current Position: Commodities Specialist / Entrepreneur / Start-Up Specialist

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  1. I am Michael Fadairo a young entrepreneur who started of with the dream of becoming financially free. I was just an average guy who worked in the bank. Then one day it all clicked, if I wanted this dream I had to go out and get it and I could not do it working for someone else. Then I came across the Law of attraction… I’m sure you’ve herd of it with all its mystique. Well even though I tried and tried the videos wasn’t enough. The books couldn’t really get me where I wanted to be. So I made another vital decision. Arguably the biggest decision in my life. I Paid for a mentor and after years of hunting and searching I finally found the freedom I was looking for.
  2. Now im not just financially free I also have become a specialist in my trade ( Commodities) and I live a life that I could only dream of.
  3. Excuses don’t get you anywhere

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