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Nicholas Taras

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

6 Sessions for $USD 380
12 Sessions for $USD 600

Career Counseling
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
English Language Teaching
Job-Search Coaching
Job-Search Mentoring

Education: Multimedia Interactive Designer 1st Class BA Honors Music Technology

Languages: English

Interactive designer of the year award 2008 - De Montfort University Winner and Runner up of various projects and hackathons

Current Company: Ubank

Current Position: Senior Web Applications Developer

Experience Description: Development Experience: Over 15 years experience in programming and web development. Experience includes the development of professional: Banking, E-learning and interactive tools for business, innovation and entertainment purposes. Client include; UBank, Virgin, Barclays, Vodafone, O2, Gucci, Boots, Vizualize IT, Mannington, Topps Tiles, HMV, Boots, RSA, Levis, JCPenny. Technologies: Node Js, Express, Typescript, Sails Js, Babel, Bootstrap, Voxon, NeuroSky, Webpack, React, Angular, AEM, Unity 3D, Blender, Vim, Wordpress, Drupal, Laravel, Python, Flash, Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Site Catalyst, Enisghten, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Esp32, MongoDB, AWS, Apache Control Panel, FTP Clients, Ethereum. Programming Languages: Node Js, Javascript, HTML, CSS (most recent and most in depth skill set currently). PHP, Java, Ruby, C#, C++, Python, Flash AS2/3. Teaching: - 9 months part time experience teaching students - animation and programming at De Montfort University - On going mentoring via another program with a local student

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Other Information:

What I can offer:

  • Advice and guidance with projects
  • Help to advance your learning and approach advancing your skills
  • Working with you through to enable a full and clear understanding of complex areas in development
  • Teach usage of tools, languages, patterns, best practices within the web and development space
  • Teach of agile processes within teams
  • How best work with others, clients, customers
  • Negotiating costs of your work / salary / projects
  • Provide suitable reading materials and suggestions to help you advance

About me:

  • Day to day, I spend a lot of time programming, reading books and online resources
  • I strive for excellence in my work and share my learnings with others in my teams
  • Socially, I play PS4, Switch, many kinds of gadgets (EEG, Alexa, Arduino) and attend various events to keep up to speed with new technologies.

Please feel free to get in touch, I look forward to helping you progress in your career.



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