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Art - Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Crafts
Film and Television Production
Media - Online, Television, Radio, Newspapers & Journalism
Motion Pictures and Film
TV and Film Production

Education: MoGraph Mentor Motion Graphics | Visual Storytelling 2016 – 2017 Digitrain Adobe Premiere Training 2016 MZED: Alex Buono’s Visual Story Telling 2 2015 MZED: Ross Hockrow’s Out of Order 2014 Blenderguru: The Architecture Academy 2013 Blenderguru: The Nature Academy 2012 University of North Texas Bachelors of Arts and Sciences, Radio, Television and Film 2004 – 2008 Carroll High School Basic Studies 1998 – 2002

Honors & Awards 46th Creativity International Awards Winner | Corporate TV Campaign or Series - Alcon TV 2016 Bronze Telly Winner | Animation - Alcon TV 2016 Bronze Telly Winner | Employee Communications - Alcon TV 2016 Bronze Telly Winner | News/News Feature - Alcon TV Official Selection Official Selection | Thin Line Film Fest Official Selection | DAM Short Film Festival Official Selection | Love Your Shorts Film Festival

Current Position: Video Producer & Motion Graphics Designer

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Other Information:

I’m a video media specialist with an interest in creating the most compelling content possible. For over 10 years, I’ve been helping businesses and individuals push the boundaries of visual communication. I specialize in video production, motion graphics, and really love collaborating on anything video related.

When I’m not on the job, I love running, hiking with my wife, catching a movie at local cinema house, and indulging my love for seeing new places.

I’m passionate about telling meaningful stories and doing so with excellence.
If you’re interested in partnering with me to help tell your story, please reach out via email (

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