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Peter Januarius

Forestville, New South Wales, Australia

I am a Co-Founder of a Tech training company, a Software Developer of some 25 years, a family man with 4 children, amateur musician, problem solver, maker, learner and doer. I have mentored many adults who have wanted to move into IT from other industries, and many youths from running years of youth clubs.

If you find yourself at an impasse, want to expand your technical know-how, want to relate to your children better, want to know how to get ahead in your job, your hobbies or life in general, I believe I can help.

This comes at a cost, so please take this process very seriously. I hope to meet with you soon !


6 Sessions for $USD 1000
12 Sessions for $USD 1500

Computer Software
Information Technology (IT) & Services (incl Gaming, Programming & Development)

Education: Aston University, Bsc Hons in Management and Computer Science (1988-1992)

Languages: English

Married with 4 children Interests: Technology, Cooking, Family time, Making stuff & Brainstorming, Karate, Golf, Playing Piano and Bass Guitar

Current Company: Nexgen Codecamp

Current Position: Co-Founder & CEO

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Other Information:

I am the owner and Co-Founder of Nexgen Codecamp, a startup specialising in technology training for students and teachers.

I have over 25 years experience in the IT industry working for over 20 companies both large and small across several industries. Most of that time has been spent specialising in Software Development and again Frontend Development.

I am now the full-time CEO of Nexgen Codecamp working with schools across Sydney.

I already have a pedigree as a mentor, having led youth groups for many years and having mentored adults into the IT Industry from other walks of life through frontend and full-stack development.

If you are in your 20s/30s and need help with life/career decisions, I can help you and guide you towards a better path.

I promise not to fill your mind with platitudes, quotes and marketing nonsense. On the other hand, I promise to tell you the truth and guide you to the best of my ability. If it is just technical skill you want, I suggest you read a book or search Google, but if you have some issues around your job, skills & life – all intermingled – then I’m your man.

In my spare time I love to make things, learn more tech, cook, play both the piano and the bass, do Karate with my kids and play golf (though that rarely happens).

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