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Prof. Remy Khalil

LEICESTERSHIRE, Leicestershire, United Kingdom (UK)

Executive Director – Homeodynamic Autonomy Limited
E-Mentor – Prince Trust
Honorary Professor of Engineering and Autonomous Systems – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Deputy Vice President of Research – Europe Division

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Adult Education
Business Coaching
Machine Learning
Market Research
Product Lifecycle Management
Research & Development
Research Methodologies
Risk Management

Education: MBA - Harvard Business School - Master of Business Administration, Operations Management and Supervision PhD- Manufacturing Systems Engineering Six Sigma Certifies Black Belt, Certified Project Management (MIT) Qualifications: BEng, MBA, PhD, FWES, MIET MBB, CPM, MSCE, CENG, FPOMS, FRSA, MAUUP, CENG

Languages: English, French, Arabic

Research interest • Autonomous supply chain operations planning and process competence development · • Creative Industry Operational Efficiency · • Lean and Agile Supply Chains · • Demand forecasting carbon emissions estimating. · • Providing process competence and operations resilience for lean and agile enterprises. · • Operations design, planning, scheduling & control of complex work environments · • Discrete event simulation modelling · • Synchronous materials flow within highly customised work environments. · • Operations planning optimisation using artificial intelligence neural network algorithms. · • Adaptive project management · • Autonomous Systems · • Design and operation of lean production, and 6-σ improvement · • Health Care Management · • Operational Excellence · • Lean Manufacturing · • Gene Technology · • Logistics and Supply Chain Lean Economic Management Affiliations • • FPOMS - Fellow Member of Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) · • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET) (till 2015- will apply for Fellowship) · • Member of Performance Measurement Association (MPMA)· • Member of the Consortium of UK University Manufacturing Engineering Heads (COMEH) · • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board and Regional Editor, Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (IJCAET) • Member of the International Committee for Lean Manufacturing Research • Member of the International Scientific Committees for the FAIM and ICMR international conferences. • Manufacturing and operations subject reviewer for International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Operations and Production Management and the Proceedings of the IMechE: Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture. • Fellow Member – Women Engineering Society • Member of Professorial Forum – UK • Member on Innovate UK – Technology Strategy Board •

Current Company: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Current Position: Professor of Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Experience Description: I am Professor in Engineering and Autonomous System and Executive Director at one of the leading Research and Development Company in the UK. Experience includes: • Volunteer Global Education Program - UN (Sept 2015 - Present) • Executive Director - Homeodynamic Autonomy Limited (Apr 2015 - Present) • Professor of Engineering and Autonomous System - MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (Apr 2015 - Present) • Visiting Professor - San Diego State University (Sept 2014 - Present) • Education Director - Women Engineering Society (Nov 2015 - Jan 2016) • Reader in Manufacturing Science / Head of Lean Research Group - De Montfort University (May 2000 - Mar 2015) • Reader in Manufacturing Science / Deputy Head of Centre for Manufacturing - De Montfort University (May 2000 - Mar 2015)

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Other Information:

The research I undertake is focussed on developing agile and resource effective operations within complex, highly variable manufacturing environments. The UK Government firmly believe that “manufacturing is absolutely central to driving UK growth” and needs to play the leading role in rebalancing the economy. Increasing levels of basic and applied research funding are, therefore, being made available to this sector primarily through EPSRC and TSB managed competitions. In addition, important levels of EU-FP7 funding are available through ‘Factories of the Future’ and ‘Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies’ themes. This renewed enthusiasm and increased funding for manufacturing within the UK, EU, and USA is creating significant research, commercial, training and education opportunities for the operations-based expertise and experience that I possess. In addition, this emphasis on the use of manufacturing to create economic value is a global phenomenon hence creating significant opportunities for international research collaborations.   Complex, highly variable work environments, which form the focus of my research, are becoming increasingly common, not just in manufacturing, but also within service and government organisations and the creative industries. It is this application of my research work within a wide range of industrial, commercial, creative, service and governmental organisations that has enabled me to play a leading role in making the department one of the most successful research groups within the University in terms of success in winning research funding and winning such funding across a wide range of industrial, service and creative sectors.

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