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Ray Wilkes

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, United Kingdom (UK)

Award winning Film Director with over a decade of sales experience in international markets covering a wide variety of sectors and industries.  I also work as a life coach for a TV company.

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Award winning film maker with experience in Government research, Government / public sector related sales.

Current Company: Flashgun Films, UK

Current Position: Film / Sales Director

Experience Description: Over a decade in short and feature length movies, music videos an web commercials. My last feature film entitled "Molly Crows" won awards at both London and Moscow film festivals. Experienced in advanced qualitative and quantitative research (including statistical analysis) and video editing using Final Cut Pro. I am also experienced in script writing and to a lesser extent bid/tender writing. Circa 12 years experience in international sales - I have sold to CEO's and Directors from SME's the Multi National companies who worked with the Government / Public Sector.

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I am an award winning Film Director with a varied past where I gained a lot of life experience. Before I got into film making I worked for many years in both the Government and Public Sector. This included advanced research using both qualitative and quantitative research methods (including projects funded by the UK Home Office). My research skills were then put to use analysing business opportunities in international markets covering many different sectors such as e.g., food, petrochemical and plastics industries. My knowledge of these markets led me to start my own food manufacturing business off supplying healthy snack foods across the UK. I also have over a decade of high level sales experience having sold to CEOs and Directors from SME’s to Multinational companies primarily in Europe and the USA who had interests with the Government / Public Sector. Having led a varied life and being an already practiced life coach I can advise on careers and general aspects of personal development. However, for more in depth technical work my sales experience and film making experience could really benefit anyone looking to become a successful film maker or sales person. I am supportive, a positive thinker with a can do attitude, hard working and driven.

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