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Banking & Finance (also see Investment Banking & Financial Services)
Commodity Trader
Financial Services (also see Banking & Finance)
Forex Trading

Education: High diploma, Lithuania. Self-taught trader.

Languages: English, Lithuanian, Spanish

Full time Stock Trader, have lots of interest in fitness, poker player, Music is biggest love of my life.

Current Position: Brent Oil Trader & Forex Trader

Experience Description: 3 years as a stock trader (forex/oil)

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I’m ready to help those who seek to learn the basics of the Forex Market. I wouldn’t mind helping those with advanced trading skills either but if you are a newbie to the Forex Market it will be much easier for me to mould you into the good habits as you do not need to unlearn the “bad ones”.

I’m not trying to sell a “fairy tale” here unfortunately “successful secret strategy” doesn’t exist. There is:

Hard work, risk management, discipline, trading psychology, analysis, strategy, determination and much more. I can promise you to teach you things which helped me along the way of becoming an independent trader only if you are ready to put the work in which is required.

I am very hard working person and I’m looking to help those who want to work efficiently and get the grip of it and make it a part time/full time business in the future.

Who am I? My name is Samara I live in London. I’m a self taught trader who had a mentor (city trader) at one point in my career. I was a part time trader in 2015-2016. After quitting my job in office, I became a full time day trader.

Basics of trading consists of: Fundamental and Technical analysis, understanding the language of candlesticks and the science behind it.

But all depends on what goals you have and what do you want to get out of it? With a bit of experience and my guidance you would be able to decide what kind of trader you want to be as there are many types of them!


Samara Roberta





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