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Robin Miles

Myocum, New South Wales, Australia

I am a Personal High Performance Coach and Strategist who loves to work with individuals from every walk of life. The only common factor is that the people I work with all have the drive and passion to not accept the norm and are committed to improving themselves in their own area of development or tackling a particular personal or business challenge.

There are so many “buzz” words such as Strategy, leadership, collaboration and negotiation but we are focused on getting to the heart of the matter in a simple and effective way. Our approach is systematic and highly energised, focused on enabling individuals and teams to achieve their potential and excellence.

My unique approach starts with understanding the needs of the individual, situation or organisation.  From this foundation, we then develop a tailored-coaching program that delivers on your particular needs and that will provide exceptional results.

In practical terms this means by working with Inspireme you will develop powerful, targeted key skills and strategies, whether you are seeking a corporate solution/improvement, or individual seeking to improve some part of your life or work.

6 Sessions for $ 2857
12 Sessions for $ 5159

Banking & Finance (also see Investment Banking & Financial Services)
Business Management
Engineering - Civil, Mechanical, Industrial & Mining
Financial Services (also see Banking & Finance)
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Human Resources
Life Coach
Management Consultancy, Advisory & Support Services
Professional Training

Education: Australian Institute of Company Directors Diploma (GAICD) MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering Chartered Civil Engineer, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE CEng)

Languages: English

Williamson Community Leadership Program, Alumni and Speaker Sacs Award for Leadership in State Government shortlist 2011

Current Company: Inspireme Consulting

Current Position: Personal High Performance Coach & Strategist

Experience Description: I have a diverse background bringing unique learnings and experiences; from growing up in South East London, undertaking development work in Africa, working in the Armed Forces, leading international major infrastructure projects, chairing not for profit boards, to executive roles in Government and the Consulting industry. Negotiation, Collaboration, and Positive Influence are recognised as critical skills in every walk of life, but few people actually know how to do it or do it well. With a direct heritage from the Harvard Negotiation Project, I train with the world’s best in bringing this theory into practice and continue to lecture on this subject at Deakin University. People have different work styles and personalities and understanding how to work with these enables collaborative work to thrive, teams to achieve and individuals to gain satisfaction. Having two kids with special needs and autism has given me even greater personal insight and skills in this area, as autistic people fundamentally think and see things differently to ‘the norm’. I believe diversity represents not just differences to be dealt with, but strengths brought to the table. In 2013 my wife and I founded Inspireme consultancy. Inspireme allows us to do what we are most passionate about, assisting organisations and individuals to achieve and go beyond the best outcomes they believe possible.

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Other Information:

High Performance Coach and Strategist focused on Collaboration, Negotiation and Positive Influence.

► What I do?
I enable people to go beyond what they thought was possible by helping them achieve breakthrough moments of truth to get clear on what they truly want in all areas of their life. I help develop a plan and provide the tools, tactics and skills to achieve what they truly want to live in personal prosperity.

Working in teams and for organisations I Inspire, train, facilitate, coach, advise and consult on assisting individuals, teams and organisations to achieve excellence and deal with complex situations/issues involving multiple stakeholders.

I am focused on “Helping the world be a better place” through “Enabling people to go beyond what they thought was possible”. I value the behaviors of being “Collaborative, Creative, Courageous and Challenging”.

► My expertise :
✔ High-Performance Coach
✔ Collaboration Facilitator
✔ Negotiation & Leadership Development Trainer
✔ Strategy Consultant

► About Inspireme Consulting :
My wife and I founded Inspireme consultancy. Inspireme allows us to do what we are most passionate about, assisting organisations and individuals to achieve and go beyond the best outcomes they believe possible.

We assist people to understand the true value of collaboration so they can work together to realise shared goals. We focus on people’s interests and needs in the search for creative solutions that create value and deliver exceptional results.

Our unique approach starts with understanding the needs of the individual, situation, or organisation. From this foundation, we then develop tailored services or programs that deliver on your particular situation to provide exceptional results.

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