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Sean Pancirov

Henderson, Nevada, United States (US)

I am a friendly and fun Digital Marketing Specialist from Las Vegas, NV.

I have over a decade of experience in digital marketing, and have become extremely knowledgeable on which strategies work and which do not. In today’s market, your business MUST have a digital marketing strategy in place to succeed. I will help you understand key digital marketing concepts and together we will create a strategy that will take your business to the top!

6 Sessions for $USD 800
12 Sessions for $USD 1200

Marketing & Advertising

Education: Marketing degree from UNLV.

Languages: English

Current Company: DigitRev Marketing

Current Position: Digital Marketing Specialist

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Vetted Digital Marketing Specialist at your service!

The internet has become the main source of information, shopping and social interaction for a great deal of people. Therefore, having a digital marketing strategy in place is crucial to the success of you business. However, creating an effective one can be challenging with all of the different social media platforms, and other possible customer touch points that are available today thanks to the internet.

My goals are to help you understand and implement proven digital marketing strategies that can potentially grow your business exponentially. I will also help you form a digital marketing plan that is tailored to your specific business and goals so that your business can effectively compete in today’s digital world.

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