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NAIROBI, Nairobi Area, Kenya
 Financial & Management consultant working for different companies for project finance and Equity partner search and preparing project reports for the different projects. Planning of Product launches and Market assessments.
  • 30+ years of experience serving in increasingly responsible financial and business management roles in diverse industries. My credentials include an MBA from an American university and honorary appointment to AAFM’s corporate finance advisory committee.


  • Outstanding communication abilities, I am able to effectively train existing staff, new hires and student apprentices in financial management processes and computer system operations.


  • A cooperative, team-focused leader, I am committed to the success of the entire organization. I have demonstrated this commitment throughout my career by working with multidisciplinary professionals to implement effective process improvements and automations.


6 Sessions POC
12 Sessions POC

Financial Services (also see Banking & Finance)
Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Hotels & Casinos
Import and Export
Individual & Family Services
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Logistics and Supply Chain
Management Consultancy, Advisory & Support Services
Private Equity (see also Venture Capital)
Professional Training
Property Development
Property Management
Real Estate
Retail (incl sporting goods, luxury goods & jewellery)
Staffing & Recruiting

Education: B.COM., MBA, A.A.F.M

Languages: ENGLISH

I am a financial consultant - we can help in doing feasibility reports, restructuring, restructuring companies and funding of projects. I have trained many youngsters on the job whilst working as Head of Finance in different companies - helping youngsters establish their business.

LinkedIN Profile:

Current Company: Shrii & Associates - Westend Hotel Ltd

Current Position: Financial Consultant and Director

Experience Description: 30 years experience in finance, operations and management fields. Experience includes: • Chief Consultant - Garikapati & Associates (Mar 2018 - Present) • Director of Finance - Westend Hotel Ltd (Apr 2014 - Present) • Financial and Management Consultnat - Shrii & Associates (Apr 2013 - Feb 2018) • Financial Controller - Kingsway Group (Mar 2001 - Jan 2013) • General Manager - Crescent Construction (Apr 1998 - Nov 2000) • Country Manager - Afri Tours & Travel (1993 -1998) • Accounts Supervisor - TATA Projects (Jan 1982 - Jul 1991)

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Other Information:

Accomplished, highly motivated management professional with versatile, hands-on experience managing finance, business operations and information systems implementations for construction, trading, export and service industries. Possess documented record of reducing overhead and increasing profit margins. Recognized for sincere dedication to timely task completion and ability to accurately assess contract, acquisition, and purchase opportunities. Technically proficient in Oracle based E-biz-program and and any ERP packages.


Specific areas of expertise include:


Ø Commercial Operations Ø Corporate Financial Management Ø  General Management
Ø Branches/sales teams control Ø Budget Development & Control Ø  Financial Planning
Ø ERP Systems / Training Ø Automated Accounting Systems Ø  MIS Reporting

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