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Parker’s Purpose

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MentorSelector is delighted to announce our support and partnership with Parker’s Purpose – a great grass roots initiative designed to provide support and financial relief for families dealing with a child who is sick or has a medical condition.

Parker’s Purpose was founded in May, 2008 as a result of people coming together to help out the Inks Family in their time of need. Parker was a third grader with muscular dystrophy and is contained to a wheel chair unable to move except for his head and his hands slightly.

On 15th March 2008, Parker was life flighted to St. Vincent’s Hospital due to respiratory problems. He was there for 30 days and hooked up to a ventilator for most of that time. His diagnosis was viral pneumonia and a collapsed lung. During his first three weeks at St. V’s, Parker almost lost his life on three separate occasions. Remarkably Parker made a miraculous recovery, and checked out of the hospital on April 14th. Parker had a trach put in to assist in his breathing and to this date still has one lung that is slightly collapsed. If that wasn’t enough, his mother Patti started chemo on March 29th to battle Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Due to this extraordinary circumstance, a fundraising campaign to help assist the family with their mounting medical expenses was undertaken and the result was amazing. The outpouring of support was so uplifting that it sparked the creation of Parker’s Purpose – an organisation designed to provide financial support to other families and children in need suffering from serious medical conditions. The name of the foundation stems from Craig (Parker’s dad) telling Parker during his hospital stay that he has more work to be done here on earth, that he still has a purpose for being here which is to inspire others that come into contact with him.

If you are interested in donating to Parker’s Purpose or know of people in need please contact Parker’s Purpose at: For additional information on the foundation and upcoming fundraising events go to

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